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Aug. 1: Bioinformatics program to use RURO's Limfinity software

Monday, August 1, 2016

FREDERICK, Md.—Through a partnership with a company that develops state-of-the-art computer software, the Hood College bioinformatics program will have access to a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

RURO, Inc.’s Limfinity® Enterprise Information Management System will be available for use by Hood faculty and students in the bioinformatics program. The system provides an infrastructure for managing the multiple steps in analysis of large sample sets, ensuring controlled access to sample sets and subject information and facilitating the interchange between researchers working synchronously or distributed from one another.

Limfinity® will be used as a stand-alone LIMS solution for the bioinformatics program, making centralizing, securing and automating laboratory processes easier and controllable. With RURO solutions, Hood College is uniquely postured to teach students theoretical bioinformatics techniques and to practice those techniques in an environment similar to what students will encounter after graduation.

Hood’s Master of Science in bioinformatics is designed to address the core subject areas and skill sets identified by the International Society for Computational Biology. The degree addresses the demand for knowledge and expertise at regional employers including the National Cancer Institute, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, the Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center at Fort Detrick and other nearby biomedical and biotechnology companies.

Bioinformatics is an established, cross-disciplinary degree between biology, mathematics and computer science. The educational objective of the degree is to ensure that students develop expertise in both the biological and computational concepts needed in today’s research and corporate biotechnology labs. Students will acquire a full complement of tools preparing them for employment in which they need a strong understanding of the underlying biology when conducting data analysis and interpretation.

This degree at Hood is built upon the considerable expertise available through the biology and computer science departments and the graduate programs in biomedical science and computer science. The College has been offering graduate degrees since 1971.