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Dec. 8: Education students meet with pen pals at Monocacy Elementary

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Monocacy Partnership
Photo by Dan Gross/Frederick News-Post

FREDERICK, Maryland—Students in Hood College’s education programs completed a semesterlong project in which they were pen pals with fifth-grade students at Monocacy Elementary School.

Hood students majoring in early childhood education, elementary/special education and secondary education wrote back and forth with more than 110 fifth-graders about a common text they all read. Each elementary school student was partnered with a college pen pal to read, discuss, and write about the text in letters to each other. They met one another for a kick-off event at Monocacy Elementary School in September and completed the project with a culminating event at Monocacy on Dec. 8.

The goals of the project were to partner college students with students from a Title I elementary school for authentic literacy (reading and writing) activities, and to encourage these young children to think about what success means to them and start thinking about attending college one day. This spring, the elementary students will visit Hood’s campus for a Hood/Monocacy College Day during which they will see the campus with their college pen pals.