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Jan. 4: Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Awards Grants to Hood

Thursday, January 4, 2018
Marlene Grossnickle Young
Marlene Grossnickle Young

FREDERICK, Maryland—Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. has awarded Hood College grants for a Summer Reading Clinic and the second phase in constructing the Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Multimedia Center.

“Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. and Hood College share a long-term relationship in our commitment to excellence in support of higher education,” said Marlene B. Grossnickle Young, president of Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. “We’ve been proud to fund the Summer Reading Clinic for years and have seen firsthand the remarkable progress students make in improving their reading, writing and comprehension skills. Likewise, with our background in the communications industry, we are particularly excited to support the Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Multimedia Center. We acknowledge and appreciate the critical role of technology in the classroom and in our world.”

The Summer Reading Clinic has been an integral part of Hood’s Master of Science in Reading Specialization for more than 30 years. A six-week experience on Hood’s campus, it is an internship site for students to serve as clinicians for children in elementary and secondary schools. Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.’s grant of $14,954 allows the program to offer scholarships while partnering with three important Frederick institutions—the Boys and Girls Club of Frederick County and the English Language Learners programs at Waverly Elementary School and Monocacy Elementary School. Approximately 10 clinicians are expected to participate during the summer 2018. The clinic will host 20-25 students at the elementary level with an additional 18-20 in the middle and high school sections.

The construction of Hood College’s new television studio, located on the third floor of Rosenstock Hall, is the first of a three-phase creation of the Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Multimedia Center. Funding for the TV studio was made possible by gifts from Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. and individual donors who were honored at a ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 19. The TV studio allows students to learn the techniques involved in shooting, editing and producing newscasts and other types of visual content. The studio is equipped with an anchor desk and green screen. Equipment includes three television cameras with attached teleprompters and a control room that features state-of-the art production tools. A $35,000 grant from Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. will fund a new Mac lab to consolidate instruction in a state-of-the-art classroom next to the television studio. As the second phase of the Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Multimedia Center, the new Mac lab will enable students to produce and edit video content in one location adjacent to the studio.

“We deeply appreciate the support and contributions from Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. in growing our academic programs,” said Hood President Andrea E. Chapdelaine. “The foundation’s generosity is truly inspiring.”