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March 31: BSN Completion Program approved

Thursday, March 31, 2011

FREDERICK, Md.—A new bachelor’s degree completion program in nursing has been approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The program will be offered at Hood College and students will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The degree will complement the large nursing program at Frederick Community College, where the associate degree in nursing is offered. Of the more than 1,000 nurses in Frederick, most do not hold the B.S.N., and would be candidates for the degree.

The Hood program was developed in collaboration with Frederick Community College and Frederick Memorial Hospital. Registered nurses who already have an associate degree or diploma in nursing will be able to enroll in the program beginning this fall.

Carol Snapp, C.N.M., D.N.Sc., assistant professor of nursing and director of the B.S.N. program, led Hood’s efforts to develop the program and was assisted by Hood faculty members and members of the community in finalizing the program’s curriculum.

The program will operate using a cohort model, in which groups of students will work through the curriculum from start to finish. The program will extend over four or five regular semesters and two summer sessions. Fifteen to 20 students will be enrolled in a class, although smaller class sizes may be enrolled when practical. All classes will be taught on the Hood campus, which is adjacent to Frederick Memorial Hospital, with the exception of laboratory courses, which may be taught at FCC during summer sessions, or at the hospital.

This is not Hood’s first nursing program. Between 1943 and 1962, 87 students earned nursing degrees in a collaborative program between Hood and other nursing programs at places such as Massachusetts General Hospital and The Johns Hopkins Hospital.