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May 17: Students, faculty awarded coveted research grants

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FREDERICK, Md.—Nineteen Hood College professors and 21 Hood students will be engaging in important research this summer on an array of topics thanks to funding from two grants.

The Summer Science Research Institute, an eight-week program established in 1996 and partially funded by a grant from the Life Technologies Foundation, allows faculty and students to collaborate on cutting-edge research. This year's recipients include:

Eris Annis, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, in collaboration Charles Dean ’12 and Corey Mullen ’14: “Crayfish Life History Traits in the Monocacy River”
Kristine Calo, Ph.D., asssistant professor of education; and Ellen Koitz, Ph.D., associate professor of education, in collaboration with Elizabeth Orrence ’12 and Stephanie Reiter ’12: “The Impact of Fluency Idol and Various Fluency Practice Options on Struggling Readers’ Fluency Levels and Reading Motivation”
Sue Carney, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, in collaboration with Alickka Edwards ’12: “Investigation of a Possible Genetic Basis for Skewed Sex Ratios in Populations of the Maryland Native Allegheny Crayfish”
Didier Course, Ph.D., professor of French, in collaboration with Alice Butler ’12, Sissi Hamann Turkowsky ’12 and Francesca Roth ’13: “Defining Absolutism: Research at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France”
Aijuan Dong, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science, in collaboration with Lewis Samuel Hayden ’12: “False Positive Reduction in Computerized Breast Cancer Detection Based on Bilateral Image Feature Subtraction”
Shannon Kundey, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology, in collaboration with Hood students Justine Delise ’12, Brittany Monnier ’11, and Meghan Tomlin ’11
Len Latkovski, Ph.D., professor of history and international studies, in collaboration with Mariya Gaetskaya ’14: “Secret Soviet Cities”
Craig Laufer, Ph.D., professor of biology, in collaboration with Catherine Dennen ’14 and Matthew Shorey ’12: “Isolation of Novel Pectinolytic Genes”
Dana Lawrence, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, in collaboration with Jon Butterfield ’12 and Troy Hubbard ’12: “Production, Purification, and Analysis of Zinc-finger Proteins Important in Virus Host Cell Interactions”
James Parson, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics, in collaboration with Dubravka Bodiroga ’12: “A Computation Approach to the Theory of Equations”
Jennifer Ross, Ph.D., associate professor of art, in collaboration with Cassy Ellsworth ’12: “The 2011 Summer Field Season at Çadir Höyük, Turkey”
Chris Stromberg, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, in collaboration with Jamie Bingaman ’12 and Brent McElroy ’13 “Ultrafast Spectroscopy of [FeFe] – Hydrogenase Model Compounds”

The Board of Associates McCardell Professional Development Grants, established in 1980 by the board of associates, was renamed in 2001 to acknowledge the generosity of the late Robert C. McCardell of Frederick, a longtime friend of the College. This year's recipients include:

George Dimitoglou, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science: “Algorithms for Stacking Boxes: Simulation of Combinatorial Optimization Techniques
Trevor Dodman, Ph.D., assistant professor of English: “Sepoy Shell Shock: Mulk Raj Anand and the Indian World War I Novel”
Jay Driskell, Ph.D., assistant professor of history: “The Trauma of Jim Crow: James Weldon Johnson and the Suppression of Black Historical Memory”
Ingrid Farreras, Ph.D., associate professor of Psychology: “Controlling Female ‘Sexual Delinquents’: Eugenic and Progressive Reformers’ Use of Psychological Testing”
Genevieve Gessert, Ph.D., associate professor of art: “Ostia, Port of Ancient Rome: History and Archaeology”
Xinlian Liu, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science: “CUDA Accelerated Vintage Photo Restoration”
Donald Wright, Ph.D., assistant professor of French and Arabic: “Creating a Narrative of Cultural Identity: A Study of the Museums of North Africa”