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Honorary Degrees

Honorary degrees are often awarded by college or universities to people who have rendered lifelong, noteworthy or considerable service through board membership, volunteerism or major financial contributions. These degrees are the most prestigious recognition in higher education and are reserved for individuals who have made significant contributions in their field or to their institution. Recipients are typically leading scholars, discoverers, inventors, authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, social activists or leaders in politics or government.

Honorary degree recipients are selected through a nomination process established by a school’s governing body, either its own trustees or, in the case of public universities that belong to a state system of schools, the system’s board of regents. Recipients are not necessarily graduates of the awarding institution; rather, the school often views the degree as an opportunity to establish new ties with a prominent person. At many colleges including Hood, dignitaries who deliver the Commencement address are awarded an honorary degree. Honorary degrees are conferred honoris causa, a Latin term meaning “for the sake of honor.” From time to time honorary degrees have been awarded at Hood’s Convocation, the ceremonial start of the fall semester and the academic year.

The following is a list of honorary degrees that have been awarded at Hood since 1950.

1950 Anna Lord Strauss, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters 
Helen Brooke Taussig, LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
1951 Helen Dalton Bragdon, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
*Virginia Carty deLillo ’13, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities 
Katherine Tupper Marshall (Mrs. George C.), Litt.D., Doctor of Literature 
Margaret Chase Smith, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1952 Grace Loucks Elliott (Mrs. Harrison S.), LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Lucile Petry Leone, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
*Bertha McCall ’06, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
1953 *Gertrude B. Hoy ’12, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded in Sept.—was not here in June) 
Malvina Lindsay, Litt.D., Doctor of Letters 
Georgiana Farr Sibley (Mrs. Harper), LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1954 Ruth Isabel Seabury, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters 
Ruth Sleeper, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
*Margaret Wehler ’18, Litt.D., Doctor of Letters
1955 Mary Ely Lyman, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
*Alice Rohrback ’25, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded in Sept. because of mother’s death in June)
1956 Dorothy Fosdick, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Alice K. Leopold, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation in September)
Agnes Rogers Allen (Mrs. Frederick Lewis), Litt.D., Doctor of Letters 
1957 *Jane L. Betterly ’32, LHD, Doctor of Human Letters
Emma Perry Carr, Sc.D., Doctor of Science 
Agnes E. Meyer (Mrs. Eugene), LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
1958 Bertha Sheppard Adkins, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
*Geneva Ely Flickinger ’32 (Mrs. B. Floyd), HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Sylvia (Porter) Fox (Mrs. G. Sumner Collins), LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
1959 Agnes George deMille, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Anne Wellington, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
1960 Marion P. Firor (Mrs. Oliver B. Johnston), Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Miriam E. Lowenberg, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Pauline Tompkins, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1961 Marya Mannes (Mrs. Christopher Clarkson), LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
The Hon. Maurine Brown Neuberger, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1962 Zelda D. Fichandler (Mrs. Thomas G.), LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Franceska (Frances) H. Kapitzky, LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
*Dorothy Filler McBride ’17 (Mrs. Edgar H.), LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
1963 Frances O. Kelsey (husband, Dr. F. Ellis Kelsey), Sc.D., Doctor of Science
*Muriel C. Meyers ’37, Sc.D., Doctor of Science 
1964 Esther Williamson Ballou (Mrs. Harold), LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters 
*Elizabeth M. Garber ’29, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Katrina deHirsch Romney (Mrs. Alfred), Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1965 The Hon. Edith Green, LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
Olive I. Reddick, LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
*Charlotte Snyder Rinear Rupner ’18 (Mrs. Theodore R.), LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters 
1966 Adelyn Dohme Breeskin, DFA, Doctor of Fine Arts
*Mary Ann Payne ’35, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Esther Eggertsen Peterson, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1967 *Elizabeth Clarke ’32, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Ellen-Ann Dunham, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Kathryn G. Shipp, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1968 Katharine Graham, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
*Jeannette Figner Hosler ’27, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Alice Watts Hostetler, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1969 *Emaline Kutz Mohr ’25, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Nancy Grace Roman, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Julia Montgomery Walsh (Mrs. Thomas M.), LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1970 *Barbara Coleman ’54, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Evelyn Millis Duvall, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Alice Mitchell Rivlin, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1971 Eleanor Murdoch Johnson, Litt.D., Doctor of Letters
Mabel Walker, LL.D., Doctor of Laws 
*Jane Seymour Wilson ’46, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1972 *Cornelia Post Channing ’61, Sc.D., Doctor of Science 
The Hon. Martha Wright Griffiths, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1973 Frances Tarlton Farenthold, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Frances FitzGerald, Litt.D., Doctor of Literature
Dixy Lee Ray, Sc.D., Doctor of Science 
1974 Roberta Flack, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Lucille Gischel Norman, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Bernice Resnick Sandler, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1975 Ruth Patrick, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Jill (Volner) Wine-Banks, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
1976 Elizabeth Drew, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
*Margaret Deringer Barrett Miller ’36, Sc.D., Doctor of Science 
Samuel H. Rosenstock, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities (awarded at Convocation)
Elisabeth Kubler Ross, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1977 Jessie Bernard, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Fritz Huntsinger Sr., HH.D., Doctor of Humanities 
Virginia B. Smith, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1978 *Martha M. Briney ’35, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation in August) 
The Hon. Barbara A. Mikulski, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Estelle R. Ramey, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Jean Stapleton, DFA, Doctor of Fine Arts
1979 K. Patricia Cross, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Anna Jane Harrison, Sc.D., Doctor of Science (Oct. 6 – Hodson Rededication)
*Arlene Rubin Raven ’65, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1980 HRH The Princess Irene de Borbón Parma, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
(HRH Princess Irene I. Lippe-Biesterfeld)
1981 Shirley M. Hufstedler, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
*Janet Parker-Popky ’54, M.D., Sc.D., Doctor of Science (awarded at Convocation)
Catherine Filene Shouse, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities 
1982 M. Elizabeth Tidball, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Carmen Delgado Votaw, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities (awarded at Convocation)
1983 Barbara Pierce Bush, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Finn M.W. Caspersen, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
RADM Grace Murray Hopper, USNR, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1984 Ernest L. Boyer, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Lucille Maurer, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Alice G. Pinderhughes, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1985 J. Elizabeth Garraway, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Lawrence Marx Jr., HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1986 Charlayne Hunter-Gault, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1987 Lynne V. Cheney, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
The Hon. Nancy K. Kopp, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1988 Russell Baker, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Lea Thompson, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1989 Ann Compton, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Fred M. Hechinger, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
Grace Hechinger, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
Margaret B. Rawson, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Helen L. Smith, DFA, Doctor of Fine Arts
1990 Janine Pease-Windy Boy, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Barbara Mertz, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
*Patricia Chapple Wright ’66, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1991 Rita R. Colwell, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Frances Hesselbein, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Sharon Percy Rockefeller, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
1992 James H. Billington, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (at dedication of Beneficial-Hodson Library)
Marian Wright Edelman, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Antonia C. Novello, M.D., Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1993 *Gail L. Gamble, M.D., ’69, Sc.D., Doctor of Science (awarded at Second Century Convocation)
*Sydney Kahn Hamburger ’56, DFA, Doctor of Fine Arts
Madame Keming Hao of China, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities (special ceremony on 3/31/93)
*Lois S. Harrison ’45, Chairperson of Board of Trustees, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
*Ruth Whitaker Holmes ’55, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
Harold Weisberg, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
Lillian Stone Weisberg, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
1994 Shirley M. Malcom, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
The Honorable Rozanne L. Ridgway, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
*Mary C. Stuart ’69, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities (awarded at Convocation)
1995 Lindy Claiborne Boggs, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Kathryn Garis Boyer, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
Martha E. Church, LL.D., Doctor of Laws (President emerita, Hood College)
Corinne “Cokie” Boggs Roberts, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1996 Sen. Jack F. Kemp, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1997 *Winifred Renee King, M.D. ’79, Sc.D., Doctor of Science
1998 Corella Allen Bonner, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
1999 Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., Sc.D., Doctor of Science
2000 Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
2001 Maggie Brown, president of the Columbia Association, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
2002 Ljubica Z. Acevska, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
2003 *Marietta Geckos, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
M. Page Durkee Laughlin, DFA, Doctor of Fine Arts
Henry Prather Laughlin, HDP, Doctor of Pedagogy
2004 Lisa Myers, HH.D., Doctor of Humanities
2005 Charles A. Nicodemus, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
Kathryn Nicodemus, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
Patricia Stanley, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
2006 Albert H. Cohen, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
*Frances Ann Delaplaine Randall ’45, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
U.S. Sen. Paul Sarbanes, LL.D., Doctor of Laws
2007 Homer W. Carhart, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
Sheilah Kast, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters
2008 *Manuel Casiano, M.D., MBA ’03, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
*Marcia Coyle ‘73, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
Elizabeth Delaplaine, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
George B. Delaplaine, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (awarded at Convocation)
Eileen Dickey, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
2009 *Cheryl Parrott, M.A. ’06, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
Stefanie Sanford, Ph.D., LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
2010 David L. Holmes, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
*Beverley Swaim-Staley ’77, M.A. ’82, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
2011 Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, LHD, Doctor of Laws (undergraduate Commencement)
*Adrian Gardner, M.S. ’93, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
2012 James R. Racheff, M.S. ’93, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
Bill Strickland, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
2013 *Zygmunt Francis Dembek, M.S. ’82, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
*Cheryl Dreiling ’69, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
Anthony J. Mendez, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
2014 William H. Browning Jr., LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (2014 Convocation)
*Keith R. Harris, Ed.D., M.S. ’99, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
Claire Shipman, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
*Marlene B. Grossnickle Young ’76, P’09, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement) 
2015 Thomas W. Geisbert, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (graduate Commencement)
The Hon. Randy McClement, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters (undergraduate Commencement)
Ronald J. Volpe, LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters, President Emeritus (undergraduate Commencement)

*Indicates Hood alumni