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Classical Studies Minor

(15-16 credits)

Coordinator: Jennifer Ross

The classical studies minor combines courses in the fields of history, philosophy, language, literature and art with a focus on classical civilizations, namely those of ancient Greece and Rome. In addition to coursework in classical studies, students have opportunities to visit local collections of classical art, to attend performances of ancient plays and to participate in on- campus lectures dealing with ancient history and culture.

Requirements for the Minor (12 credits):
  • ART 350 Classical Art and Archaeology
  • GRK 101 Elementary Ancient Greek I or LAT 101 Elementary Latin I*
  • HIST 365 Ancient Near East and Greece or HIST 366 Ancient Rome
One of the following (3-4 credits):
  • ART 332 Aegean Archaeology
  • ART 362 Rome and Hollywood
  • ART 363 Roman Art and Culture
  • CL 202 Mythology
  • CL 302 Classical Mythology
  • CLEN 281 Greek and Roman Drama
  • ENGL 221 World Literature
  • INST 312 Archaeology: Cultures, Technologies, Methods and Theories
  • PLRL 205 Classical Religion and Philosophy
  • PHIL 305 Great Figures: Socrates
  • PHIL 305 Great Figures: Stoics
  • PHIL 307 History of Philosophy: The Ancient World to the Renaissance
  • PHIL 360 Topics in Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PSCI 332 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

*Students placed in a higher level of classical Latin (103, 104 or 207) by placement test may substitute the higher-numbered course for this requirement, but may not place out of this requirement.