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Computer Science

Overview of Program

Computer science is an exciting, evolving field that offers many career opportunities. A degree in computer science can prepare graduates for some of today's newest, most dynamic careers as well as the careers of tomorrow.

Hood computer science graduates have little difficulty finding jobs and, in many cases, are employed before graduation. The median starting salary in this field is about $60,000 for graduates who hold bachelor of science degrees.

Why Computer Science at Hood?

By choosing computer science at Hood, a student selects a college consistently ranked as one of the nation's best, an innovative curriculum, outstanding faculty, individual attention through small classes and outstanding facilities.

Computer science (CS) majors at Hood College learn the foundations of computer science and become acquainted with state-of-the-art technologies. The program prepares students for immediate employment, a long-term professional career or advanced studies in computer science.

Hood's CS curriculum combines a broad liberal arts general education with substantial study in the field. Students take courses in essential areas of CS such as programming foundations, software engineering, operating systems, networking, databases and programming languages.

Life as a Computer Science Major at Hood

The program is suitable for traditional and as well as students who are currently in the workforce. It provides unique learning opportunities with daytime and evening classes offered throughout the academic year.

Undergraduates study in a vibrant department that caters to learning through classroom and extracurricular activities.

Students already in the workforce acquire skills and competencies needed to enhance their careers or change to a computing discipline.

All computer science students benefit from one-on-one relationships with faculty and small classes (average 13:1 student to faculty ratio).

CS majors are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities that enhance the classroom knowledge and provide valuable work experience. The department also sponsors extracurricular activities such as the Computer Science Club and a programming team that competes in regional and national programming contests.

The undergraduate experience culminates in the senior year with a mandatory yearlong senior project. Students engage in real software development, exercising their communication, team and leadership skills while showcasing the maturity of their technical talents and their ability to work independently. Some of these projects have led to professional conference presentations and papers.

Life After Hood

Employers recognize the value of Hood's program. Graduates have secured employment in industry and government organizations such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, the National Security Agency, Hughes, Bechtel, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Northrop Grumman, Life Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Social Security Administration and the National Cancer Institute.

Hood's graduates have also pursued advanced degrees in Hood's graduate program and at other institutions, including The Johns Hopkins University, George Mason University, Columbia University, The George Washington University, the University of Louisville, the University of Maryland and the University of Virginia.

Hood's proximity to the I-270 technology corridor provides numerous opportunities for student internships, as well as regular employment after graduation in the local high-tech industry.

Undergraduate Programs and Courses

Undergraduate options:

  • Bachelor of science in computer science: The bachelor's degree program is professionally oriented and prepares students for careers in software engineering, systems and technology management. Upon completion, students are also prepared for graduate study in computer science. Advanced students have the opportunity to attend selected graduate level courses.
  • Bachelor of science in computational science: In this interdisciplinary major, students take courses in mathematics and computer science along with courses in a chosen area of concentration (chemistry, ecology, molecular biology or physics) to obtain depth in an applied science. Then, as seniors, students will complete a project with two faculty advisers—one in mathematics or computer science and the other in the area of concentration. This is a great major for students who are interested in mathematics, computing and a natural or physical science.
  • Minor in computer science: The minor provides an organized exposure to computing and software engineering. It offers an additional career dimension to majors from virtually any field.
  • Minor in web development: The minor offers substantial experience for students in the development of websites in conjunction with their work in other disciplines. It provides an overview of web topics with a strong emphasis on applications and hands-on experience.

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