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Business Administration

First year

MGMT 205
ECON 205 

MGMT 205 (if not taken in the fall)
ECON 206
MATH 112 or ECMG 212 (both courses may be taken upon completion of MATH 099 or with Level II placement on the BSI)

Sophomore year

MGMT 281
MGMT 301

MGMT 284
ECON 306

MATH 201 and 202 are strongly recommended for students planning to attend graduate school.

Completion of MATH 112 or ECMG 212 is desirable by the end of the sophomore year.

Management (B.A.) majors who wish to study abroad in the junior year should keep this plan in mind when scheduling courses each semester. If they wish to study in a country where a foreign language is spoken, they must enroll in the appropriate language courses at Hood in their freshman and sophomore years.

Contact Person: Dr. Anita Jose, Rosenstock 109, at 301-696-3691.