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Welcome to the Carroll Creek Wildlife Park (CCWP)

The Carroll Creek Wildlife Park began in 2002 as a restoration and rehabilitation project of a local Frederick cow pasture, coordinated by the Hood College Environmental Science department. The project envisioned a passive recreation area that would ultimately serve as an environmental educational center, and as a link to alternative regional transportation.

The site is located behind the Frederick County Health Department building at 305 Montevue Lane. It encompasses approximately 40 acres of historical pastureland and 3,000 linear feet of the main stem of Carroll Creek. Habitat restoration, riparian buffer establishment, invasive plant eradication, wetland enhancement, and the construction of a wildlife meadow have all been completed at the site, which is open for public exploration.

The Environmental Science senior seminar classes at Hood College have worked on the CCWP project for almost a decade. Students collected baseline data on water and habitat quality before restoration began, and incorporated that data into restoration plans. The construction phase of the project was completed in 2004/2005, and senior seminar students continue to monitor the progress of the site. Over time, many important metrics of environmental health have improved dramatically, thanks to the restoration efforts.

This project was supported by the EPA and the following organizations: the State of Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Frederick County Department of Parks and Recreation, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Potomac Valley Fishing Club, Community Commons, and Hood College.

Getting to the site: Drive around to the back of the Health Department building at 305 Montevue Lane until you see a gravel road and abandoned shed. A small gravel parking lot is situated in front of the shed.