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Ann L. Boyd

Ann L. Boyd

Professor of Biology

Tel: 301-696-3683
Office: Hodson Science & Technology Center, Room 161
Office hours: By appointment
Curriculum Vitae


  • Post Doctorate, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University
  • M.S., Northwestern State University
  • B.S., Northwestern State University

Courses taught

  • BMS 524 Molecular Genetics
  • BMS 525 Virology
  • BMS 533 Medical Virology
  • BMS 542 Science and Ethics
  • PHIL 319 Biomedical Ethics


Ann Boyd is a professor of biology and teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. She was a research scientist for National Cancer Institute support labs at NCI-FCRF from 1973 to 1982. She has been a member of the Biology Department at Hood College since 1982. Dr. Boyd served as the Program Director of the Biomedical Science Program from 1982 to 1993, and as Dean of the Graduate School from 1993 to 2002. She has also worked as a consultant for Glaxo, BioFisher, and SAIC in research projects. Additionally, she is on the Ethics Review Board for DoD, Hood IRB, and EMA Ethics Committee. She has served as a grant reviewer for NCI, NIH, USDA, and AAUW.

Research and teaching interests

During the years 1973 to 2002, Boyd's research interests were of viral pathobiology, cellular transformation after oncogene activation, transgenic model systems, and antisense regulation of gene expression. She was also a visiting professor at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand during 1996. Since 2002 she has been interested in the biomedical ethical issues in genetics, infectious disease, and public health. 

Selected publications

Research Publications

  • Boyd, A.. et al., Microinjection and expression of an infectious proviral clone and subgenomic envelope construct of HIV. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 4:31-41, 1988.
  • Braun, M.S., Boyd, Kost, Nagashima, and Gilden. Molecular cloning of biologically active proviruses of bovine immunodeficiency like virus. Virol. 167: 515-523, 1988.
  • Gonda, Boyd, Nagashima and Gilden. Pathobiology, molecular organization and ultrastructure of the human immunodeficiency virus. Archives of AIDS Research III 1-41, 1989.
  • Rovnak, Casey, Boyd, Gonda and Cockrell. Isolation of persistently infected nonlymphoid cells from peripheral blood of cattle infected with bovine leukemia virus. Laboratory Investigation 65: 192-202, 1991.
  • Hanvey, Peffer, Bisi, Bonham, Carter, Boyd, Babiss. Antisense and antigene properties of peptide nucleic acids Science 258: 1481—1485, 1992.
  • Rovnak, Boyd, Gonda, Casey and Cockerell. Pathogenicity of molecularly cloned bovine leukemia virus. J. Virol 67: 7096-7105, 1993.
  • Bonham, Boyd, Brown, et al., An assessment of the antisense properties of catalytic and steric blocking oligomers. Nucleic Acid Research 23: 1197-1203, 1995.
  • Boyd, A.L. Gene Transfer: A prelude to gene therapy. A Review. Methods in Cell Science 19:231-242, 1998.
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  • Lynn Kisselbach, Michael Merges, Alexis Bossie, Kim Warren, Ann Boyd, Identification of CD90 Positive and Negative Cells and Elimination of Contaminating Fibroblasts from human Primary Cell Cultures, Cytotechnology, 59:31-44 (2009).

Ethics Publications

  • Boyd, A.L. and O. Doering. Genetics and the Common Good; IN Ethical Challenges as We Approach the End of the Human Genome Project, D. Macer (ed), pp. 9-20, 2000.
  • Boyd, A.L. Anagogy of Autonomy. Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 10: 113-119,(2000).
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