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April Boulton

April Boulton

Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Professor of Biology

Tel: 301-696-3612
Office: Hodson Science & Technology Center, Room 153
Office hours: By appointment


  • Ph. D., University of California, Davis
  • M. S., Bucknell University
  • B. S., Centre College

Courses taught

  • ENV 501 Intro to Environmental Biology
  • ENV 512 Insect Ecology
  • ENV 522D Insect Sampling
  • ENV 524E Insect Identification
  • BIOL 138 Human Health
  • BIOL 139 Bugs Rule the World
  • ENSP 101 Environmental Problems


April Boulton, Ph.D., is associate professor of biology and director of the masters program in environmental biology (ENV). She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental biology, insect ecology, and general biology. Professor Boulton earned a master's degree in animal behavior from Bucknell University and a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of California, Davis. She has mentored graduate researchers in a variety of insect fields from urban ecology to natural restoration of imperiled species. Professor Boulton has published articles on population dynamics of arachnids, desert ecology of insects, and community ecology of ground-foraging ants. Her current research focuses on insect diversity in urban and suburban settings (especially college campuses) and on how dominant ant species affect the soil foodweb at both local and landscape levels. She has served as a reviewer for academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals. Professor Boulton is also the coordinator for faculty training in distance education at the Graduate School.

Research and teaching interests

Broadly, I am interested in the community ecology of insects. Factors affecting species richness, invasive species, and foodweb dynamics all with an insect focus are part of my current research efforts. I have also begun work on native vs. commercial pollinators in a variety of agricultural settings (e.g., conventional, IPM, and certified organic).


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  • Boulton, A. M., Davies, K. F., Ward, P. S. 2005. Species richness, abundance and composition of ground-dwelling ants in northern California grasslands: the role of plants, soil, and grazing. Environmental Entomology 34:96-104.
  • Boulton, A. M., Jaffee, B. A., & Scow, K. M. 2003. Effects of a common harvester ant (Messor andrei) on richness and abundance of soil biota. Applied Soil Ecology 23:257-265.
  • Boulton, A. M. & Polis, G. A. 2002. Brood parasitism among spiders: interactions between salticids and Diguetia mojavea. Ecology 83:282-287.