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Aldan Weinberg

Aldan Weinberg

Professor of Journalism, Director of the Communication Arts Program

Tel: 301-696-3745
Office: Rosenstock Hall, Room 217
Office hours: By appointment


  • M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia
  • B.A., Hood College

Courses taught

  • CMA 201: News Writing
  • CMA 260: Feature Writing
  • CMA 303: Advanced Reporting
  • CMA 470: Seminar in Communications


I teach journalism and some communications theory courses and am the director of the Communication Arts Program. I came to Hood after about 14 years in newspapers, some weeklies but mostly dailies, having worked as a reporter, copy editor, news editor and managing editor. Since joining the Hood faculty, I have also worked in radio news and magazines, and during a two-year leave, I was publisher of a chain of weekly newspapers. My radio experience was helpful in launching Hood's Internet radio station, Blazer Radio.

Most of my classes are skill-oriented writing classes. This is important work because writing is the fundamental skill in most areas of mass communication, especially public relations and journalism, and this includes all aspects of journalism, not only the print media. The other fundamental skill is reporting, which means going out into the community and finding interesting stories. Today online journalism is adding another dimension to the skills journalists need and the communications faculty at Hood have added that to our curriculum through new courses and a new concentration in digital media.

What I have discovered in recent years is that many communications students like to write, but they don't like to report. Too many think they can practice journalism without leaving their computer screen, but just the opposite is true. Writing is actually secondary to reporting. I believe that the best stories write themselves, which is to say that a good subject is usually easy to write about.

If you like to write, and want to learn how to think and write like a journalist and you're willing to get outside your comfort zone a little and interact with people whom you never thought you'd meet, then my classes are for you.