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Jay Driskell

Jay Driskell

Assistant Professor of History

Phone: 301-696-3229


  • Ph.D., Yale University
  • M.A., Yale University
  • B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Jay Driskell teaches courses in the history of the United States with a special emphasis on African American, women’s and labor history. He is currently at work on a book manuscript tentatively entitled Two Warring Souls: Class, Gender and Black Progressivism, which examines the history of black community organizing in Atlanta, GA, during the Progressive Era. With nearly a decade of community and labor organizing experience under his belt before turning to teaching, Driskell’s research interests orbit the question of organizing itself. That is, the question of how relatively small groups of men and women have acted to change the social and cultural foundations of oppression in order to open up the possibility of a more democratic society. Thus, future projects include an examination of the relationship between the white and black Knights of Labor in Jacksonville, FL, during the 1880s, a political history of black New York from the 1930s through the 1950s and a history of the idea and practice of organizing itself from the anti-slavery and labor movements of the early nineteenth century through the present day.