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Janis Judson

Janis Judson

Janis Judson

Professor of Political Science 

Tel: 301-696-3721
Office: Rosenstock Hall, Room 105
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 10 a.m.-Noon


  • B.A. University of Maryland
  • M.A.University of Maryland
  • Ph.D. University of Maryland

Courses taught

  • PSCI 307 Constitutional Law
  • PSCI 405 Civil Liberties
  • PSCI 336 Gender and Law
  • HN PS 313 Great Political Trials
  • HON 304 Censorship in America


Judson teaches a variety of course in law that include civil liberties, constitutional law, gender and law and honors courses on censorship and great political trials. Her primary area of interest is the First Amendment and the limits of free expression. Judson's book, The Landscape of Hate: Law, Media and Culture (Peter Lang Press 2002), examines how pervasive hate has become in contemporary society and how laws and popular culture reflect that problem. She is also the director of Hood College's Law and Society Program.