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“In Depth” Speaker Series

This will be the third year we have offered this exciting series. In-Depth was created to address student interest in applied careers in psychology.

Each month a clinical faculty/staff member or outside speaker presents a provocative and challenging applied case.

Last semester, to highlight what can be done with an undergraduate degree in psychology, a recent graduate of our program, Ms. Rebecca German, presented some of her work with autistic children. We also heard a riveting presentation by a courageous woman diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) and post-traumatic stress disorder.

We have another great line-up for students this semester. We are now pleased to announce fall semester’s presenters and topics for this exciting series:

Sept. 19: Dr. Diane Oliver will present a family therapy case.

Oct. 29: Dr. Terry Martin will share a case of a young boy experiencing significant grief following his brother’s death.

Nov. 14: Dr. Ted Rosen will share a case involving industrial/organizational psychology (the intersection of psychology and business).

All students are welcome to attend these informal presentations from 12:45-1:30, in the Thanatology library (Rosenstock, room 1). Students are encouraged to ask questions following the talk, and related literature is available for interested students. Bring your lunch and your curiosity! Dessert is always provided!