|  Shannon M.A. Kundey
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Shannon M.A. Kundey

Shannon M.A. Kundey

Associate Professor of Psychology

Tel: 301-696-3877
Office: Tatem Arts Center, Room 324
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday: 10:20-11:20 a.m.; Tuesday: 4-5 p.m.; or by appointment


  • Ph.D., Kent State University
  • M.Phil., Yale University
  • M.S., Yale University
  • B.A., Wesleyan College

Courses taught

  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 319: Drugs and Behavior
  • PSY 370E: Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • PSY 409, 509: Learning and Memory
  • PSY 418, 518: Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 456, 556 Behavior Modification


Shannon Kundey’s research explores the behavioral processes that give animals (including humans) the ability to organize complex behavior. Her work has been published in a variety of journals including Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, Learning and Motivation, and Animal Cognition. "Research in my laboratory can be broadly described as 'comparative cognition'. Our current work explores domestic dogs' knowledge about the world, as well as connections between self-reported attention difficulties and pattern learning in humans. Hood students are very heavily involved in all of our work in the laboratory from study planning to presentation." Current information on her research, including participation information for both canine and human participants, can be found on the laboratory website:

Areas of expertise

Cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, animal behavior, learning and motivation


Hood College Board of Associates McCardell Professional Development Grant; Summer Research Institute Grant


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  • De Los Reyes, A., Thomas, S.A., Goodman, K.L., & Kundey, S.M.A. (2013). Principles underlying the use of multiple informants' reports. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 9, 123-149.
  • Kundey, S.M.A., German, R., De Los Reyes, A., Monnier, B., Swift, P., Delise, J., & Tomlin, M. (2012). Domestic Dogs' (Canis familiaris) Choices in Reference to Agreement among Human Informants on Location of Food. Animal Cognition, 15, 991-997.
  • De Los Reyes, A., Aldao, A., Kundey, S.M.A., Lee, B.G., & Molina, S. (2012). Compromised decision-making and the effects of manipulating physical states on human judgments. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 68, 1-7.
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