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Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications for the Living Learning Community due?
Applications are accepted during registration, and students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure you tell your academic adviser of your interest in an LLC when you register for classes so that you can fill out an application at that time.

I’m enrolled in the Honors First-Year Seminar. Can I still participate in a First-Year LLC?
Yes, but please consult with your adviser before signing up.

I know I take an LLC First-Year Seminar and a one-credit LLC 101 course in the fall. What courses do I take in the spring semester?
In the spring, students will enroll in a one-credit LLC 102 course in which they will complete a service project.

How does applying to one of these communities affect where I will live?
The Living Learning Community is assigned to a particular building. If accepted to the community, you will be assigned within the building where the community is located despite any other preferences on your Roommate Preference Form.

Can I choose a specific roommate if I decide to live in this community?
Yes, provided that both roommates are admitted to the Living Learning Community, you may request a specific roommate on your Roommate Preference Form and mutual requests will be honored. If one roommate is not admitted to the community, we most likely will assign a roommate based on your other preferences, unless you notify us that you would rather not live in the community.

I already completed by Roommate Preference Form, do I need to complete a new one?
No. By applying to a Living Learning Community, you are telling us that your building and roommate preferences have changed. If you listed a specific roommate on your roommate preference form, please ensure she or he also applies to the Living Learning Community, or we most likely will not be able to pair you together.

Is there any cost associated with living in this community?
Your housing fees will not increase. Some minimal cost may be involved for certain off-campus trips for community members.

What if I want to leave the community or drop the required courses?
Students are expected to commit to the community for an academic year. Failure to do so will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please also note that participation in community activities is required to complete (pass) the fall and spring LLC courses.

Who can I contact if I am unsure or have additional questions?
We’re here to help! For academic questions about the learning component of the Living Learning Community program, contact Martha Bari, Ph.D., director, First-Year Experience, by calling 301-717-9554, or send an email to For questions about the living component, contact the Office of Residence Life by calling 301-696-3577, or send an email to