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Department of Biology

The Beta Beta Beta Award is presented to high-ranking students in biology 100-200 level courses upon the recommendation of the biology department. Hanne Christensen, Elien Comhaire, Kelsey Decker and Maya McDonald share the award.

Hanne has come to Hood with a strong foundation in science and has hit the ground running with many successes in her first year as an environmental science student. We look forward to much good work from her in the coming years.

Elien has demonstrated excellence in her introductory-level biology courses. Her approaches to lab-based activities and problem-solving skills have shown she has great promise as she considers pursuing a double major in biology and mathematics.

Kelsey, recognized by faculty as a highly motivated and diligent student, has a very strong record of success in the introductory biology curriculum as well as the sophomore-level biology courses.

Maya is an archaeology major in the Hood Honors Program. She has distinguished herself through outstanding work in the biology foundation courses.

The Jane D. Mccarrell Prize is awarded to a junior or senior who has shown excellence, interest and progress in the field of biology. This award, endowed by former students, alumnae and friends, honors the late Jane D. McCarrell, professor of biology and chair of Hood’s biology department from 1946 to 1972. The prize is awarded to Ashlee Metzger.

Ashlee is an outstanding student, proving excellence both in the classroom and the lab. She has consistently performed well in her course work, often scoring at the top of the class. Her enthusiasm for science extends to her Honor’s thesis project looking at reproductive responses to alternative food sources in worms, where she has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for bench research. Ashlee is also a member of the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society in recognition of her academic accomplishments. She has been accepted into the Physician Assistant Studies program at Shenandoah University.

The Sidney Silverman Award, named in honor of the late Associate Professor Emeritus Sidney Silverman, is awarded to an outstanding student majoring in biology. Professor Silverman taught at Hood from 1974 to 1985 and did research at Fort Detrick and the National Institutes of Health. His colleagues in the department established this award in his honor. The prize is shared by Jonathan Bullard-Sisken, Agatha Macairan and Ammarah Spall.

Jonathan has displayed consistent excellence in his course work with skill across the broad spectrum of biology. As one of the top students in the department, he was invited to pursue a Departmental Honors project. In this work, he has characterized the genetics and physiology of a novel pectinolytic bacteria that he isolated from the environment.

Agatha has established herself as a broadly trained undergraduate student committed to her academic studies and to her experiential learning as a student intern at the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and as a teaching assistant in the department.

Ammarah has established herself as a high-achieving student. She worked as an intern at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and is now completing her Departmental Honors project.

Ammarah is an active member of the Alpha Delta Lambda Society, Tri-Beta, the National Biology Honor Society, and she is treasurer of the Muslim Student Association. At the UNESCO Center for Peace, she helped organize an event honoring Nelson Mandela. After graduating in biology with minors in chemistry and psychology, she will apply to medical school.

The Biology Faculty Award was created in 2001 to honor a student or students demonstrating great promise in biology. The biology department faculty provides this book prize. The prize is awarded to Sarah Butler, Nicole Curreri and Sara Eckard.

Sarah Butler is a graduating senior in environmental science and policy. She is a remarkably dedicated and conscientious student with keen intellect and great sense of humor. Sarah challenges us to look at and think about the world in a different way, and it is a pleasure to have her in our department.

Nicole is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in biology. She has completed the Honors program, and she completed an internship at Medigen. Nicole completed training and worked as a geriatric nursing assistant and worked as a laboratory assistant for the chemistry department. She is active in the Ionic Society, Mortar Board and Tri-Beta, and she was a Girl Scout troop leader for many years. Following graduation, Nicole plans on pursuing a career in science.

Sara Eckard has combined classroom learning with field work, summer research and peer tutoring to become fully involved in the biology department. Sara is currently planning her next challenge that will undoubtedly include graduate education in some aspect of biology.

THE ROUSE GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually to an outstanding senior biology major who has displayed excellence in scholarship, citizenship and sincerity of purpose, and who is planning to pursue graduate study in biology, medicine or an allied scientific field. George Parke Rouse Jr., M.D., established this scholarship to honor his wife, the late Elizabeth L. Chandler Rouse, Class of 1936, and his daughter, Anne Rouse McDowell, Ph.D., Class of 1969. Richard Wagner is this year’s recipient.

Following his service in the U.S. Army and a deployment in Afghanistan, Richard worked at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick where he was involved in several clinical- and laboratory-based projects. He joined Hood College to complete his undergraduate biology degree and completed an internship at Lonza, working on mesenchymal stem cells. He will begin medical school following graduation.

The Dr. Ruth Esther Griffith Biology Award is awarded annually to a junior who has demonstrated excellence in critical thinking and communication skills in the field of biology and who is planning to participate in faculty-mentored research within the biology department. This year’s recipient is Alyssa Denikos.

Alyssa is a junior majoring in biology. She hopes to pursue veterinary school after graduating from Hood College. She has excelled in her introductory courses and will be working this summer in the Summer Research Institute under the direction of Professor Eric Annis, Ph.D.