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Department of Biology

The Beta Beta Beta Award is presented to a high-ranking student in biology 100-200 level courses upon the recommendation of the biology department. Ethan Beneroff, Anastazia Jablunovsky, Erin Scarborough and Codi West share the award.

Ethan has been a top performer in his 200-level biology class. The faculty look forward to having him in other biology and environmental science classes.

Anastazia is an outstanding biology student who is highly motivated and hard-working both in the classroom, as well as a department student worker. We look forward to working with Anastazia as she advances to her biology electives.

Erin is an outstanding student in her introductory biology course. This foundation is preparing her for future biology courses and becoming a promising biologist.

Codi is a recipient of the prestigious Hodson Academic Excellence Award and the past two years, with her outstanding work and motivation, she demonstrated to the biology department that she is a worthy recipient. She is planning to apply to medical school after graduation, and we look forward to see her pursuing her goal.

The Jane D. McCarrell Prize is awarded to a junior or senior who has shown excellence, interest and progress in the field of biology. This award, endowed by former students, alumnae and friends, honors the late Jane D. McCarrell, professor of biology and chair of Hood’s biology department from 1946 to 1972. The prize is awarded to Kelsey Decker.

Kelsey continues her academic success in her biology electives as she looks to a career path in medicine.

The Sidney Silverman Award, named in honor of the late Associate Professor Emeritus Sidney Silverman, is awarded to an outstanding student majoring in biology. Professor Silverman taught at Hood from 1974 to 1985 and did research at Fort Detrick and NIH. His colleagues in the department established this award in his honor. The prize is shared by Elien Comhaire and Scott Eury.

Elien’s exceptional talents are reflected in the fact she is a double major in mathematics and biology. She has been awarded an NIH summer internship, where she will be doing work in bioinformatics. She is very serious about pursuing both disciplines and hopefully combining them for graduate studies.

Scott, a transfer student from FCC, has excelled in his first year as a biology major at Hood. We expect his academic success to continue as he explores his interest in higher level biology courses.

The Biology Faculty Award was created in 2001 to honor a student or students demonstrating great promise in biology. The biology department faculty provides this book prize. The prize is awarded to Matthew Ball, Elaine Cerchin, Callie Fishburn, Brianna Fragata and Lillian Myers.

Matthew is a devoted student-athlete who is emerging as a solid biology major. When he is not competing on Hood’s swim team, where he is a school record holder in the 200-meter butterfly, he is working equally hard to excel in his major courses and in the Honors program.

Elaine has quietly and consistently emerged as a strong performer in biology courses. She shows great potential for success in the field wherever she may end up after Hood; given her connections and travels to Burma, this could be anywhere!

Callie is the first student to enroll in the five-year program to earn both her B.A. in environmental science and policy and her M.S. in environmental biology. This summer, she is looking forward to working on a wildlife monitoring project in the Catoctin Mountains.

Brianna consistently excels in the practice of environmental science. In addition to her course work, Brianna has been an assistant on monitoring projects in the Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies over the past year and will continue developing her talents as a student researcher in Hood’s Summer Research Institute over the next few months.

Lillian has demonstrated her interest and considerable ability in environmental science and was an active participant in the coastal studies program this year. We look forward to her continued development as a student of conservation biology and restoration ecology as an upperclassman.

The Rouse Graduate Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding senior biology major who has displayed excellence in scholarship, citizenship and sincerity of purpose, and who is planning to pursue graduate study in biology, medicine or an allied scientific field. George Parke Rouse Jr., M.D., established this scholarship to honor his wife, the late Elizabeth L. Chandler Rouse, ’36, and his daughter, Anne Rouse McDowell, ’69, Ph.D. Rachel Mankowitz and Ian Sellers are this year’s recipients.

Rachel is an outstanding scholar who transferred to Hood from Frederick Community College. She impressed the biology faculty with her quiet determination and keen insight into biology. She has successfully pursued a yearlong Departmental Honors project to engineer a more active pectin methylesterase enzyme for use in a biofuels application. Rachel will begin dental school in the fall having been accepted to several dental schools.

Ian came to Hood with a sterling academic record from Frederick Community College and continued to impress in his course work at Hood. Ian is a talented experimentalist. In his Departmental Honors project, he initiated a new line of research in analyzing pectin-utilizing bacterial communities. Ian will begin dental school in the fall having been accepted to several dental schools.

The Dr. Ruth Esther Griffith Biology Award is awarded annually to a junior who has demonstrated excellence in critical thinking and communication skills in the field of biology and who is planning to participate in faculty-mentored research within the biology department. This year’s recipient is Kyle Bulgarelli.

Kyle has displayed consistent excellence in his course work with skill across the broad spectrums of biology and environmental science. As one of the top students in the department, he has been invited to pursue a Departmental Honors project next year.

The Norm Gary Award was established in 2017 to honor the late Norman D. Gary, chair of the Department of Biology, teacher of microbiology and professor emeritus to a generation of Hood College students. This book prize is awarded to a top student based on their performance in their biology elective courses. This year’s recipient is Fatimah Spall.

Fatimah is a diligent biology student who has done well in a wide variety of science courses. During summer research and continuing into the academic year, she helped adopt state-of-the-art molecular genetic techniques for water quality testing to the labs here at Hood. She will be well prepared for a career in the medical field.