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Academic Requirements and Benefits

Benefits of a First-Year LLC

  • Guaranteed pre-registration for courses offered as part of LLCs;
  • Living with motivated students who have shared interests;
  • Attending fun trips and interesting events that enhance the coursework;
  • A ready made community in which to make friends and form study groups;
  • More contact with College faculty and staff outside of the classroom;
  • A smoother transition into college life;
  • A more exciting and satisfying first-year experience; and
  • Higher grades and a better chance of graduating from college (according to studies).

Academic Requirements

  • Full year commitment to a First-Year LLC;
  • Enroll in LLC 101 (fall) and LLC 102 (spring) for one academic credit each semester;
  • Enroll in one of the First-Year Seminars that correspond to the LLC selected;
  • Attend monthly activities and events related to the community;
  • Participate in a student-created presentation at the end of the fall semester and in a spring community service project; and
  • Complete a final reflection paper.

Your Commitment

Participants in a First-Year LLC must commit to the following:
“Because each student’s actions directly affect others in a group, I will proactively engage in my own learning activities and contribute positively to a collaborative and collegial environment in my Living Learning Community for the entire academic year.”