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Overview of proposal submission process

All proposals (protocols) are to be submitted via email. Researchers are asked to attach their proposals (prepared using the Research Proposal Template) and other supporting documents as e-mail attachments to Supporting documents include the informed Consent Form (prepared using the Hood College Informed Consent Form Template), copies of all questionnaires and data collection instruments, and any other supporting documentation.

NOTE: If your department has an IRB Liaison, proposals should first be submitted to that person.

Overview of Proposal Submission Process:

1. Researcher prepares proposal (using Hood College Research Proposal Template)
2. Researcher submits proposal and all supporting documents. Required supporting documents include:
  1. a) the consent form,
  2. b) all questionnaires and measures that participants will receive including the specific questions and treatments,
  3. c) the debriefing form. Researcher e-mails all documents to
3. IRB Coordinator notifies researcher (via e-mail) that materials have been received and provides researcher the proposal number associated with that proposal. This number is to be used in all correspondence related to the proposal.
4. Proposal and all documents go to IRB Chair who decides on the type of review required.
5. Researcher may be asked for more information throughout the process to revise proposal.
6. The IRB seeks to be as timely and responsive to review requests as possible. The IRB needs at least two weeks to review a proposal. See the IRB Meeting Schedule and Proposal Deadlines.