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2013-14 Living Learning Communities

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LLC 101E: Science Behind the Scenes

(All students in this LLC also must take the First-Year Seminar Science in Art and Archaeology.)

Science, engineering and mathematics have drastically altered our society during the past 50 years. From magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the Internet, from cell phones to Netflix, or from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to Bluetooth, technology has changed how we live, work and communicate. Students who are interested in seeing the ways that applied science has changed our world, both in the past and present, will have the opportunity to experience them hands-on in this LLC.

Travel and activities for this LLC will be focused on showing students how science is involved in nearly every aspect of their lives, often below the surface and behind the scenes. Members of this community will visit laboratories and universities to experience cutting-edge applications of science, as well as travel to nearby museums and historical sites to explore both how science has influenced history and how science can help us better understand our history. The LLC will be tied to the First-Year Seminar FYS 101-08, Science in Art and Archaeology.

Two faculty advisers, Professors Christopher Stromberg (chemistry) and Gwyneth Whieldon (math), keep in close touch with the student members of the community and the resident assistant of their residence hall to help build links between living and learning. Students earn one academic credit each semester for the activities that are part of the Science Behind the Scenes experience.