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Safety Tips

Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Do not leave items of value visible in a parked car.
  • Park in well-lighted areas designated for parking.
  • Look into and around your vehicle before entering it.
  • Drive on well-traveled streets.
  • Keep all doors locked.

Property Safety Tips

  • Opportunity theft is the direct result of property and valuables left unattended and unsecured, even for short periods of time, which provides a thief with the opportunity to steal your valuables. Opportunity thefts are the most preventable crimes that occur.
  • Never leave personal property such as books, wallets, pocketbooks, cash, jewelry or bicycles unattended and unsecured.
  • Never leave laptop computers, calculators and other items of value unattended in library areas.
  • Lock the doors to your room, office or lab when you leave, even if it is only for a few minutes. Most reported thefts occur in unlocked areas.

Identity Theft

  • Do not give out personally identifiable information over the phone or Internet, such as bank account numbers and social security numbers.
  • Only shop with companies you know. Always use a secure browser.
  • Limit personal information on necessary public distribution items like checks and business cards.