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Campus Communication

Campus Mail/Post Office 

The post office on campus is a full-service post office that distributes both campus and U.S. mail. All full-time matriculated students are assigned campus mailboxes. Part-time students are not automatically assigned mailboxes but may, and should, request one. The post office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; some services are not available on government holidays. The College distributes important information every day so it is important to check your mailbox each time you are on campus. You can also use campus mail to get in touch with faculty, staff and other students.

Bulletin Boards 

The commuter lounge has several bulletin boards that contain information about commuter events as well as campus-wide events. Check the “Next Free Food Event” bulletin board in the commuter lounge for the time and place of any free food offerings on campus.


As a member of the Hood community, you will receive a Hood College student e-mail account. This account gives you access to information and services at Hood College, including library services. Many offices use e-mail as a means of communicating with students, so be sure to check your student e-mail often. If you prefer, you can set your Hood e-mail account to automatically forward correspondence to another account that you designate.

Campus phones 

Campus phones are found in every office on campus and on the first floor of each residence hall. If a campus phone book is not available, dial “0” and the operator will connect you with the person or office you wish to call. While on campus, dial the last 4 digits of a phone number to contact an office or a student. Off campus, you must dial the area code and three-digit exchange (360 for students and 696 for offices). For your convenience, a campus phone is located in the commuter lounge in the Whitaker Campus Center.

Pay phones 

Pay phones are located on the first floor of the Whitaker Campus Center, basement of Alumnae Hall, Rosenstock Hall, Library, Gambrill Gymnasium, basement of Tatem Arts Center, Hodson Science and Technology Center, basement of the Dining Hall, the Marx Center and in each residence hall.

Call box 

Located by the front door of each residence hall, these phones can be used to contact a resident of that hall. Visitors may use the call box to dial a student’s room; the student may then come to the front door in order to allow the guest to enter the building.