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How do I choose a roommate?

For new students, mutual requests for specific individuals are honored when possible. Otherwise, roommates are assigned on the basis of information supplied by the student on the New Student Housing Form. No room assignments are made on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, national origin or ancestry. Returning students have the opportunity to select a specific room and roommate during the room selection process each spring for the upcoming academic year. All first-year and sophomore students are required to have a roommate.

How safe is campus?

Although Frederick has a relatively low crime rate, everyone should be concerned about personal safety. Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and students are issued an ID card with building access to gain entry. In addition, the campus is staffed 24 hours a day by campus safety and security officers and Residence Life staff members are on duty every evening. Review information at the Campus Safety and Security webpage,such as the annual report which contains important data.

Can I choose where I wish to live?

As a new student, you are asked to list on the New Student Housing Form your preferences regarding several different types of living factors. Returning students have the opportunity to select a specific room and roommate during the room selection lottery process each spring for the upcoming academic year.

What's there to do on campus?

Plenty! Every residence hall offers a constant variety of activities such as movie nights, pizza parties, tournaments, and the opportunity to participate in a multitude of other programs offered by the resident assistants and House Councils. In addition, the Campus Activities Board and other student organizations feature comedians, musicians, movies, parties, trips, and many other activities. Rarely a day goes by without a notable event on campus.

How secure is my property?

You should lock your room door whenever you are gone. Don't leave cash, jewelry or other valuable items in the open. To guard against theft, record serial numbers of your personal property and mark all items such as TVs, stereos, cameras, etc. with your name.

What about drug enforcement?

Possession or use of illegal drugs is prohibited by state law and College policy. Violators may be subject to serious disciplinary action, as well as criminal action.

Can I bring my pet to school?

No dogs, cats, birds, snakes, gerbils, etc. are allowed in any housing area. Fish and hermit crabs (in tanks of 10 gallons or less) are the only pets allowed.

Is alcohol allowed in the halls?

Alcohol is permitted in individual student residences where all roommates are of legal drinking age in accordance with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. Persons under the legal drinking age are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol and may not be present in any residential space where alcohol is being consumed. Those found in violation of the policy may be documented by Campus Safety or documented by Residence Life staff members. Students may be cited for underage drinking, misrepresentation of age, underage or prohibited possession of alcohol (including possession by of-age individuals in a room where not all roommates are of-age), being underage and in the presence of consumption, and providing alcoholic beverages under the legal drinking age. Students who violate the alcohol policy will also go through the Residence Life Judicial System.

Whom do I contact in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, contact any Residence Life staff member or Campus Safety immediately. A hall staff member is on duty in each residence hall every night and an area coordinator or assistant director is on call for the campus at all times. Campus Safety officers are on duty 24 hours-a-day and can be reached at 301-696-3548.

How to I make a maintenance request?

Click here for instructions on submitting a request.

May I bring my car or bicycle?

You may bring your car, but because the residence halls, apartments and duplexes are all within easy walking distance of campus buildings, many students find them unnecessary. A parking permit must be received from Campus Safety for on-campus parking of automobiles. Bicycles may be stored in designated areas in and around the residence halls; locks are the responsibility of the student.

Will I have a private bath?

Each wing or floor has one or more common bathrooms with a number of sinks, toilets and showers. All showers are partitioned. Robes and shower shoes are recommended.

What about banking?

It is advisable for students to maintain personal checking accounts. Many students keep their hometown account, but others find it more convenient to open an account in Frederick.

What are the room assignment procedures?

Every effort is made to honor the preferences marked on the New Student Housing Form. However, it is not possible to guarantee that each request will be met. The following procedures will be used. Returning students (current residence hall students) are given first priority to sign up for fall housing accommodations during room selection lottery each spring. New residents (incoming first-year, transfer, re-admit, continuing students not currently in housing and those continuing students who failed to participate in room selection lottery) are assigned to the remaining spaces based on: 1) If the completed New Student Housing Form is submitted by the due date (available only after the Admission Enrollment Deposit is paid), 2) Roommate preference requests (must be mutual to be considered), and 3) Other preferences.

When will I know my room assignment?

Housing assignment (room and roommate) emails for new students are sent July 20. New students moving into the halls for the spring semester will not be notified of their assignment information until early January. Returning students receive their room assignment information during room selection lottery and again prior to August move-in.

What if I prefer a different room?

Students are able to work with their resident assistant and their supervisor regarding roommate issues and room change inquiries. Changes to rooms are rare based on available spaces. Students are required to work through any interpersonal conflicts with roommates. Resident assistants and area coordinators are trained and available to assist in mediating conflicts.

Can I live off campus?

The College's policy is that first-year, sophomore, and junior students are required to reside on campus, and seniors are permitted to live off campus.  There are some exceptions to this such as students living with parents within a 30 mile online map search and commuting to class.

What will my Hood address be?

A mailbox will be assigned to each Hood resident student. Please include your mailbox number on all correspondence. New students are assigned a mailbox number when they arrive on campus - the box number remains the same throughout your time at Hood. You can tell family, friends, etc., that your address will be:

(Student Name)
Hood College
401 Rosemont Ave.
Whitaker Box #XXX
Frederick, MD 21701-8575

Can I have a refrigerator and microwave in my room?

Yes, if the refrigerator is 4.5 cubic feet or smaller. You may bring your own refrigerator or microwave. Students are permitted to have one microwave and one refrigerator per room.

How much space is under the beds?

If the bed its placed at the highest notch, you are able to place the dresser underneath it along with belongings. There is 30.5 inches underneath if at this setting.

What items should I bring with me (or avoid bringing)?

A list of recommended residence hall items is available by clicking here. Residents are encouraged to discuss larger items (such as refrigerators and televisions) with roommates prior to arrival as it is not usually necessary to have two of such items.