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Facilities Matters

Campus Residence Halls

Hood College on-campus housing is maintained by the facilities office.  Students are encouraged to report any facility needs by submitting an electronic service request (see below for instructions).

Sunset Apartments and Language Houses

The Sunset Apartments and Language Houses (duplexes) are cleaned prior to student move-in by the Facilities Office.  College furniture is provided in these, and maintained by the Facilities Office.  However, they are maintained by their property owners/management team.  Any needed repairs should be reported to the designated Resident Assistant, who will report, track, and follow-up.

Submitting a Needed Service Request to Hood College Facilities Office

  • Go to Hood College’s website and click on Current Students.
  • Under ApLinks, click Facilities work order.
  • Enter your information, including your mobile phone number, Hood email address, room number, and the detailed issue.
  • As long as you keep the “Notify Me” box checked, you will receive communication regarding the request throughout the completion process.

Students are encouraged to contact Facilities Office by emailing to follow up on a service request work order.  If needing to bring an important matter to the attention of Residence Life staff, students are encouraged to communicate with their Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator/Assistant Director.  Maintenance issues are taken seriously.  Staff want to support residents and advocate on their behalf if there is an issue with the facility which has been reported but is not addressed timely.

Cable and Wifi internet for the apartments leased by Hood College at the Apartments at Sunset are provided by an outside vendor, supported by the Hood IT Department.  Click here for more information.