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Student Involvement

The Office of Residence Life fosters the development of resident students through a number of involvement opportunities. Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to gain leadership, time-management, cooperation and practical skills. In addition to the opportunities below, the student life suite and the Office of Orientation can assist students with involvement in Hood’s many student organizations, class council, campus activities board and other leadership roles.

Shared Governance

Governance of Hood’s housing system is shared amongst students, building/area staff and College administration. Students play a significant role in creating a unique community atmosphere in each of Hood’s living environments and participate in the development of policy through the House Council/House Forum system and the Hood College Student Government Association (SGA). Members of House Council and House Forum are often called upon to provide key feedback as part of resident assistant and professional staff hiring processes.

House Council

Each of the traditional residence halls has a House Council made up of residents of the residential area. House Councils are advised by the professional staff member responsible for the area. Members of House Council play an active role in providing activities and events for their hall and serve as advocates for student concerns. Each House Council includes a President and Vice President, elected at the beginning of each fall semester. Resident Assistants serve as floor representatives.  Students in College-leased housing (7th Street Duplexes and Apartments at Sunset) and the Marx Center Honor Housing elect one President and Vice President to represent the area.

House Forum

House Forum serves as the student governance body for the residential system as a whole. This group, which consists of two delegates from each hall, one Language/Honors house president and the apartment council president, plans several traditional campus-wide events each year. Major events coordinated by House Forum include Policies for Dollars, May Madness Pool Party, and the Roommate Game. House Forum is advised by the director of residence life and student conduct, and led by a chairperson who is selected by voting members of the commitee. For additional information about House Forum, please see the House Forum Constitution.

Conduct Hearing Board

This board is a group of students who uphold community behavioral standards at Hood. Board members hear select cases (and appeals) resulting from alleged misconduct by peers, determine if College policies were violated and recommend consequences. The board is made up of seven elected members from the student body. The board is advised by the director of residence life and judicial affairs. Students interested in this opportunity must be in good academic and judicial standing. Conduct Hearing Board Bylaws.

Academic Judicial Council

Academic Judicial Council is a board of students and faculty who uphold the Honor Code by hearing select cases and appeals regarding alleged academic infractions. Student members are appointed each fall following a publicized application process. AJC is advised by the director of residence life and judicial affairs. Students interested in this opportunity must be in good academic and judicial standing. AJC Bylaws .

Student-Staff Positions

A number of student-staff positions within the Office of Residence Life are available. These positions provide students the opportunity to gain valuable job and leadership skills. Interested students are encouraged to speak with current staff members (RAs, area coordinators, etc.) to learn more about these roles. For most positions, an application process occurs each spring and is publicized campus-wide. During this process staff is selected for the following year. Re-hire from year to year is subject to satisfactory job performance and continued need of the department.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

A total of 18 RAs are employed in the traditional residence halls. While each RA is responsible for a specific floor or area, all RAs work as a team to serve the larger student community. RAs are available to students who have personal or academic concerns, are having problems with their roommates or just need a helpful listening ear for advice, guidance or referral. RAs also plan programs, disseminate information and work to build a positive community in the residence halls by enforcing behavioral expectations. RAs serve in a duty rotation within their assigned building each evening. Each RA reports to an area coordinator or the assistant director.

Qualifications for the RA position include:

  • 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of application and throughout employment
  • Good judicial (disciplinary) standing
  • Enrollment as a full-time, undergraduate student at Hood College
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Sincere interest in working with other students
  • Flexibility and a positive attitude
  • Must have lived in Hood College housing for at least one semester by the date of hire (or have comparable, transferable experience)


  • Single room in assigned building
  • Stipend

Head Resident Assistants (HRAs)

Two HRAs serve as lead staff members amongst the RA staff. In addition to fulfilling the same duties as an RA, HRAs are responsible for a variety of administrative tasks and provide an additional level of support to students beyond other members of the RA staff. HRAs assist area coordinators in advising House Council, facilitating hall meetings and performing room inspections. Each HRA reports to an area coordinator.

Qualifications for the HRA position (beyond what is listed for the RA position, above) include:

  • A minimum of one year (two semesters) prior experience as an RA.
  • 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA at the time of application


  • Single room with private bath OR suite sharing a common bath (depending on placement) OR double room (depending on placement)
  • Stipend

Desk Attendants

Each fall, several student desk attendants are hired to staff the main residence hall front desks during select hours. Desk attendants monitor the building entrance, ensure proper guest registration, and provide general customer service to students. Employment as a desk attendant requires federal work study or campus employments funds from financial aid. Typical hours include overnight, weekend shifts. Desk attendants work closely with RA staff under the direct supervision of an area coordinator or the assistant director.

Qualifications for the desk attendant position include:

  • Federal Work Study or Campus Employment funds (financial aid)
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment to customer service (preference given to applicants with prior customer service experience)


  • Paid hourly at the current campus rate.