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Upperclass Living Learning Communities

LLCs provide students the opportunity to combine their academic pursuits with an enriching living environment. In much the same way as Hood's language houses, LLCs are designed around an educational topic that a group of students wishes to explore more fully. LLCs for upperclass students are student-designed and led, so topics may change from year to year. LLCs may range from major-specific and class-specific to topical areas of interest that transcend any one major or program at Hood.

Current LLCs

The Gender and Sexuality community, housed in Meyran Hall, is returning for its fifth year in 2014-2015. This community brings together students who are interested in issues such as gender quality, feminism and other social-political gender and sexuality issues. A faculty member advises the community, which holds regular discussions on member-determined topics in which connections amongst the topic and diverse academic areas (such as psychology, sociology, biology and women's studies) are explored. Often meetings of this community are opened to non-LLC students who may have an interest in the topic, and once a semester the community hosts a larger program that is open to the campus.

Additionally, the Uniting Global Perspectives community, which will be housed in Coblentz Hall has been approved for 2014-2015. Students in Uniting Global Perspectives will strive to gain a better understanding of various cultures through exploration of their history, film, art, food, and literature. Members will learn and grow together as they discover their own unique backgrounds and work to achieve unity through the celebration of diversity. Uniting Global Perspectives will be advised by a faculty member.

The Honors House and Language Houses provide additional options for students who wish to enrich their living experience. Each house is advised by faculty, who assist students in working cooperatively to achieve shared educational goals (related to the house's specific purpose). Additionally, each house plans a large program each semester that exposes the larger campus community to the activities of the house and provides opportunities to learn about special topics related to the house's goals.

Forming a new LLC

Students have the opportunity to propose communities that reflect their own interests and goals for the upcoming year. Each community is required to have a faculty or staff adviser to assist in defining and meeting goals. Each proposed community must also include a minimum of 10 students who have expressed initial interest in the LLC. If approved, students in LLCs will be placed in adjacent rooms within a residence hall to permit ongoing educational experiences. Rooms will be assigned to approved LLCs prior to the room selection process and students approved to live in the LLC will be permitted to select a room within the assigned area. Residents interested in proposing LLCs for a future academic year should make note of the following:

  • Proposal forms for new LLCs are available in the Student Life Suite (Whitaker, Room 221) in early February each year and must be returned according to the deadline established annually as part of the room selection process.
  • Once approved, each LLC is required to actively solicit applications from students interested in residing in the LLC. A minimum of 10 students is required to form the LLC.
  • Students interested in proposing new LLCs should carefully review the Room Selection information distributed to their email accounts annually (around February 15) for process and deadline information.
  • Additional information can be obtained from Christine Malone at 301-696-3627 or  

Living in an LLC next year

Resident students who are interested in residing in one of the LLCs for the upcoming academic year must apply and receive approval. Approval is based upon the student meeting the requirements for the specific LLC to which she or he is applying. Requirements will vary by LLC but may include GPA requirements, class schedule or pre-requisite requirements, etc. Each student who plans to be a part of the proposed community must submit an application, even if listed amongst those who expressed initial interest when the LLC was proposed.

Approved LLCs will publicize their community late February through early March. During this same period, application materials for individual students who want to reside in an LLC will be available in the student life suite(Whitaker, Room 221). The office of residence life will also email basic information on all available LLCs to students with their room lottery number annually. Completed applications from individual students are due in the student life suite (Whitaker, Room 221) by 5 p.m. on the last class day prior to spring break. Students will be informed of the status of their application after spring break.