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Academic Advising

All students enrolled as degree candidates at Hood have an academic guide known as their academic adviser. This individual is an experienced faculty or staff member who is here to work with students as they develop their academic plan and overall goals. Advisers are also available to help students connect with the resources they might need to be fully successful in achieving these goals, be that additional academic support (like tutoring or study skills help) or assistance in understanding College policies.

Advisers are here to provide support and assistance to students, but they are not able to make decisions directly for students; the ultimate responsibility for that rests with the student. Academic advisers are well-informed about Hood policies and academic programs and can make suggestions and recommendations to students, but advisers will expect students to be involved and engaged in this process and making decisions for themselves.

At Hood, students do not declare their major until their second year studying at the College. This gives students a chance to explore many options and to really think about what area they might want to study before getting too deep into a particular major.  Efforts are made to connect students with advisers who specialize in advising students in a particular discipline, but this may sometimes mean that when students declare their major they do have to find a new adviser from that area as well.

If students have difficulty contacting their adviser directly, you can always contact Matthew Holsapple in CAAR to help make that connection.