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Credit for Prior Learning

Hood awards credit for prior learning through Advanced Placement exams, CLEP and DANTES exams, departmental challenge exams, portfolio work, International Baccalaureate, military training and noncollegiate programs approved by the American Council on Education. These alternative modes of learning are evaluated separately from transcripts of traditional transfer credit from other accredited schools. Departmental challenge examinations and the Portfolio Advantage Program are coordinated through the Center for Academic Achievement & Retention.

  • Credit for prior learning is awarded only to students admitted as degree candidates.
  • A maximum of 30 hours of credit may be earned through any combination of prior learning credits and Hood courses elected on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.
  • Students may not receive credit by examination for any course that they have previously audited, failed, received credit or from which they have withdrawn.
  • Credit through examination or portfolio may not be attempted during the final 15 hours of credit.
  • Credit through examination or portfolio may not count in the minimum of 30 Hood credits required for the degree.
  • The requirement of 12 credits of coursework at Hood in the major cannot be fulfilled by portfolio credit or through credit by examination.
Departmental Challenge Examinations

$170 per test for Hood students; administered through The Josephine Steiner Center for Academic Achievement and Retention 301-696-3569. Departmental examinations may not be repeated. Credit is awarded for grades of A, B or C on the following departmental examinations:

  • CHEM 101 – 3 lecture credits; may be used to fulfill Non-laboratory area of the Core
  • CHEM 102 – 3 lecture credits; may be used to fulfill Non-laboratory area of the Core
  • HIST 205, 206 – 3 credits each
  • IT 180 – 3 credits
  • MATH 120 – 3 credits
  • MATH 201 – 3 credits if Level III has been earned on the BSI
  • MATH 202 – 3 credits (test available only to students who have earned credit for or completed MATH 201)
  • MATH 207 – 3 credits if Level III has been earned on the BSI
  • MUSC 103 – 3 elective credits
  • PHIL 207 – 3 credits
  • PE 225, 226 – 3 credits each
  • PHYS 101, 102 – 3 lecture credits each; may be used to fulfill Non-laboratory area of the Core
  • PHYS 203, 204 – 3 lecture credits each; may be used to fulfill Non-laboratory area of the Core
Portfolio Advantage Program

Hood College awards credit for alternative modes of learning. Students who have acquired college-level learning through life experiences and other noncollegiate activities may want to explore Hood's Portfolio Advantage Program. This program enables a degree-seeking student to earn credit for prior learning through work and/or volunteer experience equivalent to college-level courses. Students should do so only if the learning cannot be assessed through standardized or departmental measures.

At Hood, the portfolio is an organized presentation of a student's past experiences that identifies and documents specific skills that the student has learned, mastered and applied to be sucessful. Once the written portfolio is completed, the document is reviewed and evaluated by a member of the faculty who will determine if what the student has written is equivalent to what is taught in class. It is the portfolio that enables a professor to evaluate work and volunteer experience and to grant credit for relevant learning beyond the classroom.

To participate in Hood's Portfolio Advantage Program:
  • Once admitted as a degree-seeking student, students must register for at least 3 credits before they can begin the Portfolio program. Three credits of coursework must be earned before portfolio credits are awarded.
  • Degree candidates interested in the Portfolio Advantage Program are required to attend a six-session portfolio development workshop. The workshop fee is $850.
  • Portfolio documents must be submitted within one year of completing the workshop.
  • Portfolio credit may be awarded only if the learning is appropriate to Hood's general education requirements, electives and/or specific programs. Based on the quality of writing and construction of the portfolio and the content, credit will be awarded for work equivalent to a grade of C or better.

For more information contact:
Donna Harrison, Writing Skills Coordinator