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Writing Center

In Hood’s Writing Center, faculty tutors and peer tutors help students who are writing essays, reports or other assignments for their classes. Tutors help students with sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and documentation. Tutoring sessions are available six days a week, and they can be scheduled through the TutorTrac app available online. During the half-hour session, tutor and student go over a hard copy of the student’s work. The Writing Center’s goal is for students’ ideas and information to “shine,” unobstructed by errors in composition.

Writing Center Support

The Writing Center staff can help students with papers for any course and with nonacademic papers, such as scholarship applications. Faculty and peer tutors will work with students who need help getting started on a paper or improving a paper’s grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, spelling and documentation. While staff won’t edit or write the paper, they'll point out ways students can state their ideas clearly and effectively.

To schedule an appointment, just log in through TutorTrac and follow the on-screen instructions.

Students should bring their assignment and a hard copy of their paper, if it's already written.