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Dos and Don'ts


  • Focus on a specific internship, job or career field.
  • Describe your transferable skills and qualities.
  • Include Keywords
  • Use action words to describe your experience.
  • Make sure your résumé is free of errors and misspellings
  • Have someone proofread your résumé or request a résumé critique from the Center for Career Development.


  • Use a résumé template (the formatting will limit your ability to customize your résumé).
  • Use lots of script, underlines, different fonts or graphics. Bold and italic are generally acceptable.
  • Include personal information and avoid listing religious, church, and political affiliations unless it is relevant to the position or organization.
  • Go beyond one page. Most employers prefer a one page résumé. Two pages are fine if you have extensive, relevant experience. The second page should be at least 2/3 full.

Résumé Tutorial