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Interview Assistance

You applied for a job or internship and you’ve scheduled an interview. Don’t panic; prepare! The following steps will help you prepare for a successful interview experience.

  • Research the Organization

    You will be asked, "What do you know about our organization?" Find out about the company’s products and services, mission statement, community involvement, date of origin, location of headquarters, profits and stocks, news, names and profiles of top management and key competitors.

  • Assess Your Skills

    You will need to prove that you will be an asset to the organization. Review the position description and desired skills. Write down specific examples of how you have demonstrated those skills.

  • Prepare a List of Questions

    You will be given an opportunity to ask the employer questions. This is your opportunity to find out if this is the best position and company for you. Form your question around aspects about which you want to know more: management style, training opportunities, what a typical working day is like. Don't ask questions about salary or benefits; the employer will provide this information to you at the appropriate time.

  • Dress for Success

    First impressions count and it is important to dress appropriately for the interview. Check out our interview attire tips for men and women to make sure you have the look.

  • Practice with a Mock Interview

    Do a mock interview with a career consultant to practice your interviewing skills and gain feedback on your interviewing strengths and challenges. Contact the Center for Career Development to schedule and appointment.

  • Follow up

    Always send a thank you e–mail or letter within 24 hours of the interview.

For more information on preparing for you interview, check out