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The Following strategies will help you reach your main goal: employment.
  • Determine the Job

    To experience an effective search it is important to know what type of job you are seeking. If you are not sure or have no idea, the Career Center offers Focus-2 and the Myers- Briiggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help you define the most suitable career for you.

  • Build your Resume using Keywords

    Keywords are used by recruiters to search their databases of résumés. These words are simply the qualifications and skills required by the employer. Including these keywords in your résumé may increase the chances of your résumé coming up in a search result. For assistance with developing your résumé, check out the résumé tutorial and/or set an appointment with a Career Center consultant.

  • Network

    Networking is the most effective method of finding job leads. Join a professional organization and attend local chapter meetings. Talk to friends, neighbors and former supervisors to discover job leads; remember whenever you speak to or meet someone you are building a network. Utilize LinkedIn to network and search for jobs. Attend events hosted by the Career Center.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteering is a great way to update your skills, lift your spirits, and network while conducting a job search. Contact the Community Service Coordinator in the Career Center to find volunteer opportunities. Attend the Annual Fall Community Service Fair to meet with representatives from non-profit organizatios in the area.

  • Attend Career Fairs

    Career fairs are excellent opportunities to meet hiring managers and recruiters in person. The Career Center sponsors and promotes area career fairs. Stay alert and check out upcomming events and how to prepare for a career fair.

  • Research Employers

    Find out the major employers in your area and check out their websites for opportunities. Economic Development Offices and Chambers of Commerce are excellent resources for this information.

  • Contact Employer Agencies

    Utilizing temporary or permanent employment agencies can be helpful with connecting you to job opportunities.

  • Consider Federal Jobs

    Visit and search for opportunities related to your interests.

  • Conduct a Search Online

    Use job links and professional organiztions sites that are specific to your career field of interest. Try the Career Center's Linked-2-work to identify opportunities.