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Visionary Speakers

Past Social Visionary Speakers

  • Fahima Vorgetts, Alicia Lucksted, Ph.D. Afghan Women: Survival, Rebuilding, Resistance
  • Annabel Park, Eric Byler 9500 Liberty: A Regional View of America’s Explosive Battle Over Immigration
  • David Ngaruri Kenney, Asylum Denied: A Refugee’s Struggle for Safety in America
  • Kevin Lollar, Guy Dyoken, Barry Kissin, etc. The Power of Conversation: Reaching Common Ground
  • Vickie Schieber, Matthew Campbell, Jane Henderson, Voices for Change: Death Penalty
  • Jehmu Greene, Rock the Vote: If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain
  • Teresa Rivera Bean, Barbara Reed Martin, Colleen Moore, Rene Renick, Domestic Violence Impacts the Entire Community
  • Abir Kopty, Hagit RaAnan, Wejdan Jaber, Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision, Partners for Peace
  • Amal Alagabo of Sudan and Tim Irwin of USA for UNHCR, the U.N. Refugee Agency, A Day for Darfur
  • Layli Miller–Muro, Ending Violence Against Women: A Global Struggle for Social Transformation
  • Kesra Hoffman, Through the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project
  • Harold Mintz, On Living Organ Donation
  • Dr. Alex Willingham, The Struggle for Democracy: Election Reform After 2000
  • Gila Svirsky, On Achieving Peace Between Israel and Palestine
  • Puma Mbuyu Wa Mbuyu and Ruth Snyder, the Able & Willing International Education Foundation
  • Roger Ethier, founder, Engineers Without Borders International
  • Dr. Narinder Arora, founder, Mattaponi Healing Eagle Free Health Clinic
  • Tuan Anh Nguyen, M.S., L.AC., On Volunteer Service in Vietnam
  • Bob Moses, The Civil Rights Movement and the Algebra Project
  • Julia "Butterfly" Hill, The Legacy of Luna
  • William Cochran, Public Art as Service
  • Khenpo Konchog Cyaltshen Rinpoche, How to do Service with Altruistic Thought
  • Dr. Patch Adams, The Joy of Caring
  • Jonathan Mooney, Thinking Outside the Lines
  • City at Peace, What Can Happen When 50 Young People Set Out to Change the World
  • Susan Trout, Ph.D., author, Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service
  • Paul Loeb, Ph.D., author, Generations at the Cross Roads