|  How to Access and Navigate in Ulti-Pro Self Service
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How to Access and Navigate in Ulti-Pro Self Service

  • On the Human Resources web page select employee portal. This will direct you to the portal login page.

    You may be asked to accept a certificate from Network Solutions or from UTN-UserFirst-Hardware.
  • Type your User ID (which is your Hood College email address) and the system default password (which is your birth date and the last four digits of your social security number [mmddyyyy####]). Then hit "Enter" or click on the "Log in" button.

  • Once you enter the default password, the following screen appears for you to create your own password. When you change your password, you will need to create a eight digit password which will use all of the following: an Upper Case letter, a lower case letter, a number and a special character (such as @, $, %). Unlike your Hood network password, Ulti-Pro requires that your password MUST contain all of the previous character types.
  • Once you create your own password that meets the established security criteria, you will be asked a series of three security questions to help establish your identity in the event that you need to reset your password. Select those questions from the drop down list for each box.
  • When you have completed the questions, please record your answers with your password in a secure location. When you have completed the third question, the Ulti-Pro Menu page (Home) displays.

    Here you will find Human Resource News when the page opens.
  • Using this Home page, you can select the "Myself" tab on the Navigation bar. You will have the option of choosing to see Personal Information, Jobs, Career & Education, Pay, Benefits, Training, Benefits Enrollment, Life Events and Documents.
    • Using the Personal tab, employees can see all their personal information. Some information can be corrected by the employee. Other information corrections can be initiated by the employee but will go through a pre-approved workflow process prior to the change becoming effective.
    • Clicking on the Jobs tab, employees will see current job history.
    • Using the Career & Education tab, employees will be able to update their records for licenses, education, awards, etc. These changes should be accompanied by an official document to substantiate the change.
    • Using the Pay tab, employees can see the most current pay statement and pay history. You will be able to print a pay statement from this tab. This also is the place where employees can view and change their tax withholding amounts.
    • Using the Benefits tab, employees will see current benefit elections. Dependents are on the second subtab.
    • Here you can also process your Time Off requests. Just hit the green "add" "+" to initiate a PTO request:
    • Once you have selected your paid time off type, it automatically goes to your supervisor for approval. Once approved, it will be processed through the payroll system for the chosen effective date for the leave with the correct leave balance being decremented.
  • Managers will have access to the "My Team Tab". Managers will see information on the specific employees that they supervise. More information will follow.