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Senior Citizens


Legal documents, healthcare directives, end-of-life planning & decisions

  • U.S. Administration on Aging
    • - (800) 677 1116
    • Sponsors statewide legal hotlines for those ages 60 or older. Call to get the number for specific states. (800) 677 1116

Assisted Living

  • Life Advice Program from MetLife
    • Pamphlets cover a range of topics from assessing if a nursing home is appropriate, to services covered, to payment and selection.
  • Nursing Home Grievance and Oversight Agencies
    • Maryland Office of Health Care Quality has to license a care facility for it to exist.
    • Local Departments of Aging should each have an ombudsman to assist.
    • Office of the State Attorney General also can become involved.
    • The Senior Victims Assistance Unit, in Frederick County, becomes involved in cases of abuse, etc.

Palliative Care


  • Growth House
  • Hospice Association of America
    • Information on hospice trends, how to choose a hospice, publications, and helpful links.