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Hood Live@edu FAQs

Email with Live@edu

  • What is Outlook Live Email?
  • Quick steps: 
    Outlook Live email is a service provided by Microsoft to the education market under the heading of "Live@edu." Hood decided to take advantage of this service because it is provided more functionality, bandwidth and storage than Hood could offer when hosting the service itself.
  • What is my Hood Live@edu ID and password ?
  • Your Hood Live@edu ID is your Hood network ID (i.e. abc1) and your password is your Hood network password. You must log into your Live@edu Hood account using your email address (i.e.,
  • What are the password requirements for Hood email and other Hood accounts?
  • The following rules and restrictions apply to account passwords here at Hood.

    Password rules:

    The password can have a maximum length of 16 characters.
    • The password is case-sensitive.
    • The password can contain uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
    • The password can contain numbers.
    • The password can contain the following ASCII text characters: ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] \ : " ; ' ? < > , . /

    Password restrictions:

    The password can't contain any of the following items:
    • Spaces
    • Non-English characters
    • The account name part of the email address. For example, if the email address is, the password can't contain user. This restriction isn't case-sensitive. Therefore, ABC01 or Abc01 can't be used in the password for
  • How do I change my Live@edu password?
  • Your Live@edu password is the same as your Hood network password. To change your Live@edu password you will first need to change your Hood network password. To do this, choose one of the following options:
    • Go to https:\\ and follow the instructions. This method is available on or off campus.
    • Log on to any Hood College computer. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and select the change password option.

     Should you need help with the your password, please contact Hood's EUC help desk at 301-696-3622 or

  • How do I forward or redirect my Live@edu mail?
  • You can set up mail forwarding or redirecting in the inbox rules tab. Here are the documented steps:

    • Log onto Outlook Live
    • Click "Options"
    • Click the "Organize" tab
    • Click the "Inbox Rules" tab
    • Click the New Rule menu
    • Select "Create a new rule for arriving messages" and a "New Rule Window" will appear.
    • Select "Forward or Redirect" and check "Redirect the message to people or distribution lists ." This rule will be added to the rule description on the left.
    • Click the "people or distribution lists" hyperlink  
    • In the "Recipients" box, type the email address you want to forward to e.g., You can also select another address from the GAL or your contacts list if this has been created already.
    • Click OK  
    • Give the rule a name in the "Name box"
    • Click Save  
  • How do I configure my mobile phone to work with Hood's Live@edu email?
  • Live@edu has provided detailed instructions for a variety of mobile devices. Check out their website for detailed instructions. If your mobile device is not listed, check our general instructions for Exchange/ActiveSync for mobile devices.
  • How do I setup a IMAP/POP client with Hood's Live@edu email?
  • Live@edu has provided detailed instructions for a variety of IMAP and POP clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Mac Mail. Check their website for detailed instructions.
  • What if my mobile device directions for Hood's Live@edu email aren't on the Microsoft website?
  • For active sync devices (iPhones, Droid, etc.) the settings are all the same, but the steps are in different locations or orders. Below are the general settings for any active sync mobile device if you cannot find it on Microsoft's phone list.

    Go to your Mail Settings in your mobile device. Make sure you are choosing that the account type is Exchange or Active Sync:

    Email address: (your Hood ID)
    Domain: leave this field blank
    Username: (your Hood ID)
    Password: your Hood network password
    SSL: ON


  • What is the maximum Skydrive upload size?
  • The maximum size of a single file is 50 MB. In order to upload a file bigger than this, you need a compression application (i.e., WinZip, WinRar, etc.) or use a program that can split a large file into few small file.