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IT Help Sheet

Computer / internet access

To logon to a Hood College computer, you must have a network account / username and password. If you do not have one or you have forgotten your password, please contact the IT HelpDesk via email "" or by calling 301-696-3622 or 3622 on campus. Hood's IT Help Desk is located on the 4th floor of Alumnae Hall, room 401.

To log in

Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on the keyboard at any Hood College computer. You will see a login window with fields for Username, Password and Domain. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields; the student domain is Pergola. Then click Ok and the computer will log you on. The log on process can take a while (sometimes up to 60 seconds) to complete. If this is the first time you have logged on, you will be asked to change your password. Your password must be at least eight characters. If the computer does not log you on, reboot or try using another computer. If you are still unable to log on, contact the IT HelpDesk. It is important to remember to log out before leaving a computer. If you don't log out, anyone could have access to the computer and therefore be able to read and change your files. Your initial password is set to your birth date plus the first two letters of your last name in lower case (MMDDYYxx). For example, if your last name was “Doe” and you were born February 14, 1988, your password would be: 021488do.

Changing your password

Once logged on to a Hood College computer, press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on the keyboard again. A window will appear with an option to change password. Click on that option. Enter your old (current) password and then enter your new password twice. Your password must be at least eight characters in length. A message will pop up stating your password change was successful. Click Ok and then click Cancel to close the option window. Note: Changing your network password also changes your email and Blackboard password.

Network storage space – your personal folder (Z Drive)

Your personal drive is the location where you should save ALL of your data files. You can locate your personal (Z) drive by double clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop. You will see several (drive mapping) icons with assigned letters. The Z: drive is your personal storage space. Only your Pergola account has access to this drive. This is the safest place on campus to store your data as it is backed up regularly. Your Z: drive has a size limit of 250MB. Alternate locations to save data would be to a CD or USB flash drive.

Network storage space - The public folder (U Drive)

No one but you can access your Z drive. But sometimes you may want to save files for others to access. The Public folder is for this purpose, it is called the U: drive. Anyone with a PERGOLA username can save, modify and delete files that have been placed here. Please don’t place important or private files on the U: drive. There is a 35MB size limit. Additionally, U: drive data is “cleaned out” periodically. If you save something to U: it is possible it may not be there the next day. So, don’t use this space as permanent storage, use Z instead.


Students can check their email from any computer with an internet connection.  From the Hood website ( select Current Students, Aplinks, Email in the Cloud from the Quick Links box at the top of the page. This link will take you to your Office 365 login screen. Enter your Hood email address into the Username field, and your Hood password into the Password field and then click the login button. There is an attachment size limit of 50MB sending and receiving and all attachments with file extensions of .com, .cpl, .exe, .pif, .scr and .vbs are blocked.

Email forwarding

By default, your Hood email account is forwarded to the preferred email address used when you applied. To change your Hood email forwarding or to turn off this function, login to your Hood email account. Select RULES located at top right corner of screen. Then select Edit Your Message Redirection Settings. In the box where it says Redirect All Mail to, type the email address where you want all your mail forwarded. Make sure the Keep a Copy and Redirect automatic messages options are not checked. To turn off forwarding altogether, uncheck the Redirect all mail to box. After making any changes, click the Save button, then Close.


When you use a Hood lab computer, the printer in that lab will automatically become your default printer. Just by clicking the printer icon (in such applications as Microsoft Word) it will automatically send the print to the printer in that lab. If you want to use another printer (or if the lab printer does not show up for you automatically), right click on “My Network Places” and select Search for computers. Type “Neptune” in the computer field and click OK. Double click on the icon for Neptune. Now double-click the printer you wish to use. (You will be asked if you want to set up this network printer. Answer yes). Every full-time student is authorized to print up to 1000 black and white pages per semester on Hood printers without charge; part time students are authorized 500 black and white pages. If you exceed this quota, you can purchase additional paper from the Accounting office on the second floor of the AD building (Alumnae Hall). Once you have made the purchase, bring your receipt upstairs to End User Computing (EUC) on the fourth floor to add your purchase.

Computer labs

Rosenstock: 019, 219; Apple: “24 Hour Lab”; Tatem: 107; Hodson: 113, 132, 136, 237, 315; Whitaker Commuter Center; and in the Library Reference area and Language Lab. All labs contain a standard suite of applications including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox browser, and McAfee Anti virus. There will be additional applications installed that are course or discipline-specific.


Blackboard is a system that provides faculty and students a place to share course and research materials as an augmentation to the classroom. Students can access Blackboard from any computer with an internet connection. To log in from the Hood website select Blackboard under the Quick Links menu located at the top right of the screen. Click the Login button at the left side of the screen. On the next page, enter your username and password.


This application allows students to access personal information such as grades, unofficial transcripts, account balances, and provides online registration. It also lists all the courses available at Hood. To obtain access, read Using Self-Service for details.


For any account, network access or Hood computer lab related problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at extension 3622 (on-campus) or 301-696-3622 (off-campus). Place a work order to receive help with your problem or question by leaving your contact information (name, phone, email, best time to reach you), your username and a description of the problem or question. You can also submit a work order using email to or through the Hood website by clicking here: Help Desk Work Order Request.  The Hood IT Help Desk is open Monday thru Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and is located on the 4th floor of Alumnae Hall, room 401.

Revised 1/6/14