|  Virus Protection for Student Computers
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Virus Protection for Student Computers

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  Virus Protection for Student Computers

All computers connected to the Hood College network should have up-to-date virus protection installed. This includes personally owned computers in dorm rooms. This protects everyone from transmission of viruses over the network.

The Information Technology (IT) Department has a consortium agreement through the State of Maryland to supply copies of McAfee virus protection software with automatic upgrades to all registered students (both on-campus and off-campus).

Unfortunately, if your computer is already infected with a virus, it is possible that the installation of virus protection software will cause your machine to stop operating. This is because viruses frequently attack system files, which sometimes must be deleted by the virus protection software. We STRONGLY encourage students who are not using virus protection at this time, or whose virus protection is out of date, to take proactive steps prior to the installation of virus protection software to protect their data. First, you should copy your data files to diskette or other media (Z drive, for example). Do not copy system files or programs, just data. Second, it is imperative that you have the original operating system CDs that came with your computer with you on campus before starting this operation. Finally, you should have the original CDs with you for any programs that you use, like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The IT Department cannot legally provide any of this software to you if you lose your system to viruses. IT is not allowed to loan or distribute Operating Systems CD’s to anyone. The licenses we have are strictly for College owned computers. Therefore, you really need to have your original CD’s with your computer. End User Computing is not responsible for repairing damage to student owned computers caused by viruses, even if the damage appears to have been caused by the virus protection provided by End User Computing. The damage is actually done by the virus, NOT the virus protection.

If an infected computer is on a network, the virus can rapidly spread to other computers on the network, including computers owned by Hood College as well as computers owned by other students. As soon as the network servers detect a computer that is sending out viruses, it will be removed (quarantined) from the network and the owner will be notified by telephone. When the owner of the computer cleans up her computer, it will be reinstated to the network.

Students can request a copy from the IT Department and one will be copied to CD for you. There is a $.50 charge to pay for the blank CD or you can bring one of your own blank CD.

The IT department has prepared a custom McAfee installer. You can access it by going to the Start button, then click on Run... and enter \\yoda\mcafee\setup.exe. All options are pre-configured, simply run the executable as you would for a normal installation of a software application. There are still some "clicks" required for the install, basically accept the license and then take the remaining defaults (cancel or un-check the emergency disk creation portion if you don't want to do this part when installing). There is a "how to" document/notes for students which also reside in the above folder as howto.txt.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Hood IT Help Desk at extension 3622 (on-campus) or 301-696-3622 (offcampus) or send an email to