|  Faculty/Staff Phone Instructions
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Faculty/Staff Phone Instructions

Faculty and staff members (3*** extensions) will have one of the following phones:

1) The Optiset E Basic or the "Primary" phone with 8 feature keys, a speaker and the adapter for a second line:
 Optiset E Basic Phone  

2) The Optiset E Entry or the "Second" phone with 3 feature keys:
 Optiset E Entry Phone  

*The Optiset E Standard with 12 feature keys and a microphone for two-way speakerphone.
*The Optiset E Advanced with 12 feature keys and the ability to add adapter options:
Optiset E Standard Phone  

*The Optiset E Advanced Plus with 12 feature keys, a microphone for two-way speakerphone and can support adapter options:

Optiset E Advance Plus