|  Navigating the Phone System
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Navigating the Phone System

  • Access your PhoneMail
  • Press 3 to listen to your messages
  • Your messages will then be played for you in order of urgency:
    • press 4 to save the message
    • press 6 to delete the message
    • press 73 to replay the entire message
    • press 78 to replay the last few words
    • press 2 to skip to the next message
  • To continue with your messages, press #
  • After saving or deleting a message, a series of options will be given to you:
    • press 1 to directly to the sender's mailbox - This option allows you to send a message back to the sender that goes directly to their phonemail. After you RECORD your message, PRESS * and then #
    • press 9 to forwards the message - If you want to forwards the message to another subscriber, RECORD your comments, PRESS * and then #. Dial the extension, name or distribution list to which you want to forwards the message, and then PRESS #
    • press 70 to call the message sender directly - This option allows you to directly speak with the sender of the message. To call the telephone of the sender directly, PRESS 70
  • To listen to the next message, Press #

Recording Functions

  • Access your PhoneMail
  • Press 1 to record a message
  • Record your message at the tone and then select one of the following:
    • press *73 to replay the message
    • press *61 to delete the message and start over
    • press * and then # to FINISH the recording
  • To address the message, DIAL the extension or name and PRESS #. To confirm the correct subscriber, PRESS #. When finished entering destinations, PRESS #
  • For delivery options, a series of choices will be given to you:
    • press # for regular delivery - This option delivers your message immediately, after you end your PhoneMail session.
    • press 3 for special delivery - This option lets you choose one or more of the following special delivery choices:
      • To request a return reciept to notify you when the message has been received, PRESS 1.
      • To mark private to prevent the message from being forwardsed in the future, PRESS 2.
      • To mark urgent to place your message at the beginning of the recipient's phonemail, PRESS 3.
    • When you have chosen your special delivery option, PRESS #
    • press *6 to cancel delivery of the message
  • To cancel the selection option you are in and start over, Press *