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Phone FAQ

How do I change my password? 

To change your password, follow the directions found here: Password 

My phone continues to ring and ring and PhoneMail does not seem to pick up, what’s wrong? 

Contact the telephone help desk at ext. 4357 for students and ext. 3622 for faculty and staff and ask have them to fix the Variable Call Forwarding on your phone.

I don’t understand the greeting system on the PhoneMail system. What is the difference between recording your name and recording your greeting? 

You have several options for the greeting on your PhoneMail. You can use the system standard greeting and record your name to use as a mailbox header, or you can record your own greeting message. By recording your name in addition to a message, an internal subscriber will hear the name when addressing messages to you or when receiving messages from you. For more information, click here: Greeting 

How do I listen to my PhoneMail messages? 

To access your PhoneMail, follow the directions listed here: Accessing Your Phonemail

How many messages are allowed to remain in the PhoneMail mailbox? 

For students, any combination of 15 saved and new messages are allowed to remain in the mailbox. For faculty and staff, any combination of 20 saved and new messages are allowed to remain until the mailbox is described as full and will not receive any more messages.

Can I forward an important PhoneMail message to a friend? 

You are able to forward a message to another internal subscriber. To do so, follow the directions here: Listening Functions

I need to send a PhoneMail message to 20 members of a club on campus. What is the most efficient way to do this? 

On your personal PhoneMail mailbox, you are able to set up personal distribution lists. Each list can hold up to 20 extensions. After recording your message, press the number of your distribution list and the message will be sent to each subscriber on the list. For more information, see Mailbox Options