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Configuration Installs

The installs listed below are not instructions and will not function from a non-iOS device.  They are installation profiles designed to be opened from either an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Installing configuration profiles

Step 1 : On your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, tap the configuration profile(s) icon you wish to install
Step 2 : The profile will download to your device and open.  Tap "Install".
Step 3 : Enter passwords and other information that’s requested.

Note : You may be asked whether a configuration profile is trusted. If in doubt, ask your administrator before installing the configuration profile.

You can’t change the settings in a configuration profile. If you want to change settings, you must first remove the configuration profile or install a new configuration profile with the new settings. To remove a profile: In Settings, choose General > Profile, then select the configuration profile and tap Remove. Removing a configuration profile deletes the settings and all other information installed by the profile.  

Student iPads/iPhones

FAQs   Office 365 Email
This configuration will guide you through installing your Hood in the Cloud email on your iPad/iPhone. 
Note:  The second installation step will ask for "Domain\User".  Enter your Hood email address ( in this field.


PaperCut iPad Client
NOTE: You must be on campus to download & use this app
This configuration will guide you through installing the PaperCut iOS app on your iPad/iPhone. 

Faculty/staff iPads/iPhones

Hood Exchange Email
This configuration will guide you through installing your Hood Faculty or Staff email on your iPad/iPhone.

Hood iPad wallpapers

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