|  Credit, GPA and Core Curriculum
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Credit, GPA and Core Curriculum


  • 124 credits (if admitted prior to Fall 1993)
  • 124 credits at 100-level or above (if admitted Fall 1993 or later)
  • 2.00 cumulative grade point average (gpa) and 2.00 major grade point average (gpa)

You can monitor your credits and cumulative grade point average (gpa) by viewing your transcript and/or Degree Progress on Self-Service. You need to plan for enough credits in your senior year to earn a minimum of 124 credits (100-level or above).


  • Transfer students with an AA, AS, or AAT degree or the equivalent are exempt from the Foundation and Methods of Inquiry sections of the Core with the exception of the Global Perspectives requirement which may be fulfilled with appropriate transfer courses. 
  • All Core requirements must be taken for a letter grade—no S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) grades.
  • The Foreign Language requirement is fulfilled by six to eight credits in an elementary (101 and 102) foreign language course sequence or exemption through a placement test.
    Students may also exempt without credit the six-credit foreign language requirement by placement at the 103-level or above on the foreign language placement test.
    International students, for whom English is a foreign language, may meet the requirement by placing into and completing a 100-level English course. If, however, English is the official language of the country, a foreign language is required.
  • Students who participate in two seasons of intercollegiate sports may be exempted from all or part of the PE activity requirement. A half-credit of exemption will be granted for each season of participation. No credit is earned for the waiver. The Athletic Director’s signature is required for the waiver.
  • Honors Program students who have completed FYS 101H, 102, 201, and 202 may apply up to 3 Honors courses toward the seven classes required in the Methods of Inquiry section of the Core. No Honors credit may be applied to the laboratory science requirement.