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FCPS Direct Pay Plan

Qualified Frederick County Public School employees are now able to take advantage of a financially friendly payment plan when enrolling in graduate courses at Hood College.

Developed collaboratively by Hood’s graduate school and FCPS, the Direct Pay Tuition Plan eliminates paying tuition up front when registering for courses and then filing for reimbursement at the end of the semester. In most cases, the only out-of-pocket expenses approved FCPS employees pay are the comprehensive and lab fees.

Step One: Qualify

Submit for approval the course request and tuition eligibility forms with the FCPS Human Resources office.

Step Two: Register

Once approved, register for class(es) at Hood.

Step Three: Pay fees

Hood will invoice FCPS employees for any expenses beyond FCPS’ allowable reimbursement amount. Students who qualify for full tuition coverage from FCPS may pay as little as $100.

Step Four: Complete the course

Once students successfully complete the course(s) with a grade of “C” or better, FCPS and Hood reconcile tuition payments. Hood then sends FCPS the transcripts and sends students their course grade.


Graduate School Associate Director: Carolyn Korb
Phone: 301-696-3603
FCPS coordinator: Mary Marshall