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International Student Resources

International students in the Graduate School at Hood College can take advantage of the many opportunities available to domestic students. In addition, the Graduate School has a number of special opportunities and resources for its international student population.

International Graduate Student Orientation

Each fall and spring, the Graduate School holds a special International Student Orientation on the Wednesday before the semester begins. The orientation gives international students an opportunity to learn more about the Graduate School and to meet other international students who can provide assistance in navigating through the first week of classes. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Find out more about these informative and interactive sessions on the newly admitted students page.

International Graduate Student Handbook

This handbook provides information on visas, housing, banking, transportation, weather, clothing, school systems and other resources to help with the transition to Hood College and the Frederick area.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT – Internships for F-1 Students)

Many international (F-1) students are interested in internships (or CPT). There are a number of resources for securing such an opportunity after the F-1 student has completed his or her first year of coursework. Search for internships via our subscription to tool, GoinGlobal. Download the CPT form here.

Obtaining a Driver’s License

International students are able to obtain a driver’s license while they are studying in the U.S. Learn how here.

Graduate Student Housing

For those exploring commuter living options, the local Frederick area offers a number of rental options. Finding the right fit for you will take some research. Local newspaper classified ads and website listings may be good places to begin your search. The following are some examples of websites which may be helpful:

In addition, there are some nearby apartment complexes which may warrant consideration:

Those with an asterisk denotes they accept I-20 as evidence for financial backing for international students.

Note that the information in this message is provided as a convenience to students strictly as an informational service. Hood College has not inspected or approved any of the listings for fire, heat, and/or safety conditions and makes no warranties or representations concerning these items. Tenants assume full responsibility for location, condition, and contractual terms of their off-campus rentals. Hood College operates under the assumption that landlords and rental agencies conduct business within the guidelines of the law. All contractual agreements are between students and the landlords or agents.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an important resource for all graduate students, and includes a separate group for international graduate students. The GSA provides information to new students, sponsors programming and social events, and serves as an important liaison to the Graduate School office and the College.

Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Programs

The Office of International Student Services is an important resource for international students. While the Graduate School processes the initial I-20 visa forms, the office of multicultural affairs serves as the primary point of contact on visa issues. The office can also provide important information on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) options.


Tips for On-Campus Jobs

  • For jobs at the Center for Academic Achievement and Retention (CAAR), email Ms. Michelle Townsend at:
  • For jobs with Aramark (food services), email Ms. Jen Curtis at:
  • For jobs with Campus Facilities (e.g., grounds and building upkeep/repair), email Mr. Jim Thomas at:
  • For teaching assistant (TA) positions, speak directly with the program director in the following programs which offer such TAships: Biology (Biomedical Science/Environmental Biology), MBA, and Computer Science/ Information Technology.