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Human Sciences, M.A.


The first program offered in 1971 when the Graduate School at Hood College opened, the master’s degree in Human Sciences was recently restructured to address the changing needs of the community and students. Offered at the school's Frederick, Maryland campus, the graduate program today delivers a relevant and versatile approach to the study of human nature as it relates to contemporary society.

Challenge for the mind

Extending liberal arts to the graduate level, the Human Sciences master’s degree program challenges students to develop a deeper understanding and broader perspective of the human experience and the world in which we live. Outstanding faculty scholars and adjunct instructors strengthen the unique interdisciplinary curriculum with extensive research, professional and teaching expertise.

Skills for practical use

With its intense focus on critical thinking, research, analysis, problem solving and communication skills, the program has ready application in many facets of career, community and personal life. The degree can provide career enhancement opportunities in fields such as education, community health, government, community service, human resources, the juvenile justice system, community organizing and the media.

Traditional and accelerated schedules

Students may choose from two paths to the master’s degree: 30 credits plus a comprehensive exam or 36 credits including a thesis. A wide variety of electives accommodate multiple interests and goals. Evening and accelerated weekend classes and summer-term sessions mean even part-time students can complete the degree in less than two years.

The Hood Graduate School also offers certificate programs in Thanatology and Gerontology.

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Program Director:
Jason Trent



Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions:
Edie Steele