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Hood College Unsung Heroes

There are many staff members who perform a variety of important jobs in the six divisions that make up the College. Our approximately 170 staff members serving in 40 different departments work on a number of different levels—from entry-level positions to senior management—to provide outstanding support to the College faculty and to deliver excellent service to our students, alumni and other important constituencies. These loyal, devoted team members, integral to the mission of the College, are often found behind the scenes providing outstanding support and dedicated service. These unsung heroes perform thousands of daily unselfish acts and hundreds of various duties critical to the College in achieving its mission.

When staff members are asked why they enjoy working at Hood College, they respond that one of the most gratifying aspects of their jobs is that they have a chance to make a difference in students' lives on a daily basis. They also mention how much they appreciate being part of a close-knit community on a vibrant college campus. Hood College's flexible, positive work environment has been recognized with three recent awards: 2007 Family Friendly Workplace, 2011 Best Places to Work in Frederick and 2011 Business Health Award.

Many constituencies of the College come into regular contact with our frontline staff who, through that exposure, become the face of Hood College. However, there are many other offices that provide vital services that keep the wheels turning. It is through the tireless efforts of each staff member in a strong alliance with our outstanding faculty that much is accomplished and the College's essential goal—to provide a high quality liberal arts education to students—is met.

Staff member responsibilities' require different skills and abilities depending on the service being provided. And many staff members continue their career development through ongoing educational opportunities provided by the College. Some staff members come to us when they graduate from Hood while others bring valuable expertise from other work experiences. The higher education work environment encourages and requires staff members to remain on their own learning journey to stay current with contemporary technology and other developing trends.

Hood College is fortunate to have such a high quality, high achieving staff. These unsung heroes go about the daily work with little personal recognition but help to make the student experience one that never will be forgotten. It is with heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation for a job well done that we highlight staff members and their offices in the following pages. It is a wonderful opportunity for the College to formally recognize some of its best contributors!

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