|  Education Beyond the Boundaries: Integrating Theory Into Practice
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Education Beyond the Boundaries: Integrating Theory Into Practice

Experiential learning complements and enhances classroom instruction. Hands-on opportunities allow students to apply learned theory to actual practice, which leads to a greater understanding of real-world situations.

  • Internships: For more than 50 years Hood students have interned at hundreds of sites—at local and federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, research facilities, media firms, schools, IT companies, businesses and more. Students gain valuable experiences that not only translate into marketable job skills but also build confidence, expertise and professional work habits.
  • Study abroad: Study abroad opportunities are available for students in every discipline. Students return from these experiences better prepared to think critically and take on the complexities of today’s global challenges. Students have studied in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Russia and Spain, among others.
  • Undergraduate research: Students conduct research under faculty direction in campus labs, in community settings or at one of the many biotech companies in the nearby research-rich I-270 corridor. Often students present their findings at professional conferences held throughout the nation.


    Hood students conduct research with faculty mentors during an eight-week Summer Research Institute, as well as at the National Cancer Institute, MedImmune, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Boys & Girls Clubs, DynPort Vaccine Company and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, to name a few.
  • Leadership: Through internships, volunteerism or participation in on- and off-campus organizations, students obtain valuable leadership skills and experiences that are applicable in nearly every life situation.

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